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Posted by Karen Talbot on 6/5/2020 10:45:00 AM

Dear Parents & Students

Berkeley College Summer Workshop Series

Choosing a career is an important decision. This summer, Berkeley College offers a series of virtual workshops (approximately 90 minutes long) that will give you an overview of what’s involved in a range of exciting career fields. You’ll hear from accomplished experts in each field, including experienced professors from Berkeley College.

Workshops will include engaging interactive projects, virtual tours of professional facilities, and much more.

These valuable summer workshops are FREE, but you must register to participate. Speakers and agendas are subject to change but the current events for each day are below.

FASHION:  JULY 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Speaker Panel:
Masha Vainblat, Senior Digital Designer, Steve Madden
Joline Mujica, Head of Trends & Tours, WindowsWear; Presentation:                                                                                                    “Sustainability in Fashion”
Interactive Project: “Building a Sustainable Brand”
Berkeley College Professor Nancianne Esposito
Students will work in groups to create a sustainable brand.

You will:

  • Develop a brand concept that focuses on sustainability and social responsibility
  • Develop a target market and create consumer profile
  • Discuss how your brand will give back
  • Create tagline and mission statement
  • Decide what social media you’ll use and chose influencers to represent your brand
  • Present your brand                                                                                                                                                                                         


Speaker Panel:  
Lt. Torres, S.W.A.T.
Chief Kelley Zienowicz, Morris County Sheriff's Office
Chief Ciro Chimento, Butler Police Department,
Presentation: “Civil Service vs. Chief's Town, the process of becoming a local law                                                                                                  enforcement officer".
Gary Krulish, Former Secret Service Agent

Interactive Presentation: “Law & Order: Berkeley College”
(including actual crime scene videos)
Berkeley College Professors Richard Olivieri and Gary Krulish
Review the facts! Solve the crime! Be the jury!

Discussion points will include: 

  • Civil rights
  • Use of force and excessive force
  • Reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Burden of proof                                                                                                                                                                                               


Speaker Panel:
John Taormina, Vice President, Securities Services, JP Morgan Chase
Shantay Adkison, M.A., Talent Supply Chain Engagement, Sr. Team Lead, Amazon
Nicholas Szpur, Director, Inside Sales, NY Mets
Leadership & Motivation Presentation
Berkeley College Professor Chris Christiansen
As a leader in both athletics and business, Coach Christiansen challenges students on leadership                                                                              and motivation in school, work, and life.

  • Does a good leader have impact on human potential?
  • What motivates you to reach high levels of achievement?
  • How can you inspire others to reach maximum performance levels? 


HEALTHCARE:  JULY 16, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Speaker Panel:   
Terry Shelby, Talent Acquisition Partner, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
Bridget Baldwin, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Frances Palm, Chief Operating Officer, Zufall Health Center, (Virtual Tour)
Video demonstration of mock surgery,
Berkeley College Instructor Joseph Charleman, CST, CSFA, CRCST, LPN
COVID19 Viral Structure Video Presentation,
Dr. Jose Montalvo, CCMA, Berkeley College Instructor
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding/How to Read an Explanation of Benefits
Berkeley College Instructor Kelly Berge, CCS-P, CPC, CBCS
Performing Venipuncture using Evacuated Tube System using virtual simulator
Berkeley College Professor, Dr. Suzan Melik, RMA, CCMA, CBCS



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