Your School Nurse Can Help

Posted by Susan Prendeville on 10/2/2020

Students and families should know that during this uncertain time, your school nurses are available to answer your questions and to respond to your concerns.  

Please stay in touch.  We are happy to help.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER IS SICK: As always, should you have concerns about your own health or the health of a family member, you should be in direct contact with your family health care provider to seek medical advice.  If you or a family member are exhibiting symptoms of illness, call your doctor. Here is a link from Johns Hopkins Medical Center for more information.  

WHERE TO SEEK INFORMATION: We all know the benefits of staying informed.  We are faced with additional challenges in the age of social media in knowing which sources we can actually trust. 

Information about COVID19--the symptoms, the spread of the disease, the rules of social isolation, travel restrictions, etc. can be found via these trusted sources:  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC),  the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the World Health Organization (WHO).  We encourage you to seek information here.  All of these agencies update their sites daily with new information.  (Additionally, the WHO has developed a "Mythbusters" page which is meant to serve as an antidote to misinformation.)

HOW TO MANAGE MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS: Living through a pandemic is nothing that any of us expected to face in our lifetime.  We know that health is a concept that extends well beyond the physical.  Our district counselors are working to provide a multitude of mental health resources for parents and students.  Please visit this page on our district website for a wealth of information to guide you and your family toward coping emotionally. 

HOW TO CARE FOR EACH OTHER: We have always known that the health of our community depends on us all.  These words, which we speak in times of more typical illnesses (seasonal flu, for example), are even more important now. When we protect ourselves, we protect our community.  Here is some helpful information from the NJ Department of Health.  

In the meantime, thank you for caring for yourself and others by:

Washing your hands with soap and water
Using hand sanitizer when soap is not available
Refraining from touching your face
Practicing Social Distancing (staying at least 6 feet away from others)
Staying home if you are sick