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4th Marking Period Information - Middle School

4th Marking Period Curriculum, Instruction, and Grading for Grades 6-12 

Curriculum and Instruction 

  • Each department and course has developed goals and targets for making progress through district curriculum under the current constraints and circumstances surrounding remote learning. 
  • A key component of these goals is to establish consistent expectations regarding content and skills across different sections of the same course. 

○ Some topics/content will be covered with greater depth; others will be covered with greater breadth. 

  • Remote Learning instruction will focus upon the creation of Student Learning Objectives that support the curricular objectives and goals and are aligned with the district curriculum plan. Student activities maintain focus on mastering these learning objectives. 

Student Feedback & Grading 

  • As it is our goal to make progress towards the completion of our curriculum, it will be important that we use assessment in a variety of formats to provide students with feedback and measure student mastery and growth. 
  • Each department, in collaboration with their supervisor and the principal, has created a balanced and consistent approach to assessing students. 

○ Teachers are encouraged to remain flexible with submission timelines to accommodate family circumstances during this challenging time. 

○ Teachers are encouraged to consider the length and scope of assessments as to not overwhelm students with too much work. 

○ Teachers are required to collaborate with co-teachers to ensure every effort is made to provide students with the accommodations contained within their IEP or 504 plan. 

○ Consistent with our normal practice, teachers will be providing feedback to students on a regular, timely, and consistent basis. Additionally, grades will be entered into PowerSchool in a timely manner. 

Exams-Format & Modifications 

  • Discussions around final exams are ongoing. More will be communicated and shared as we gain a better understanding of the duration of remote learning
  • It is clear that if final exams are administered, these assessments will have to be modified based upon instruction delivered in a remote learning environment. 

○ Any modification will be done with the assistance of the supervisor and principal to provide a consistent approach among departments and between teachers of the same course. 

○ Considerations include length and format of exams, project-based exams, etc.