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A Note From Mr. Geiger and Mrs. Acosta

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a wonderful start of our year.  I thought I would share some quick thoughts as we make our way to next week, which includes our big Back to School Night.


Class Meetings – Feedback from parents always includes that the first day of school is a whirlwind, even for 7th and 8th graders.  With that in mind, I want to thank our school counselors for organizing the first two days which began on Thursday with a class meeting.  Students were able to enter the school, relax with friends, meet the teachers, and then move on to lockers with plenty of time to settle in.


Advisory Meetings – Our second day included a brief Advisory Block.  Advisory started last year as a trial and we continue this year to include Advisory meetings.  These small gatherings give students a moment to de-compress, meet in an informal surrounding, and make connections and build relationships they may not normally have time for; or the opportunity.  Meetings will be each Wednesday prior to dismissal and will always include a theme or lesson provided by our school counselors.  Please be sure to ask your child about Advisory – it should be a nice mid-week break for them and enhance their middle school experience.


Picture day – We concluded picture day today and the children looked great!  For the most part, ordering pictures is done online – using the information found here.

Ordering Pictures


iPad Rollout – By now all students should have been given a district iPad.  We are happy to provide the following “help films” found at the following link.  Your child has been told to seek help from tech during lunch or EP in the school library.  They are a friendly crew and want your child’s device up and running!

iPad Help Videos


What Day is It? – We always are asked how the “days” work, so here is a quick explanation.  Next Monday will be a Day One.  Each school day after continues in rotations of 4 days, so Day 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then back to 1 to start again.  If we have a day off (like 9/19) we pretend it never happened and the days continue, so next Wednesday is day 3 since Tuesday will be day 2.  The only time this 1,2,3,4 system gets broken is when we have an unexpected day, then the day drops.  So, if it snows on a Day 2, the next day is Day 3 regardless.  That Day 2 is lost to the weather. See the link below for the calendar.

Rotation Calendar


Back To School NightBack to School Night Information


EPs – Some EP’s were moved this week.  Please have your child check onlne to see if rooms have changed.


Finally – I want our students, especially our first-year students, to get comfortable approaching their school counselors as the first stop for any help.  Locker issues, schedule concerns, should all be brought to them prior to reaching out to Mrs. Acosta or myself.


Best regards and wishes for a wonderful school year,

Mr. Geiger and Mrs. Acosta