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Junior and Senior Class Parking App

As we move into the second semester, we know that more Junior students will be obtaining driver's licenses. That said, we also know that the 250+ spaces that we have on campus can not accommodate all of our Junior and Senior drivers. In an effort to support all of our drivers, alleviate the number of parking tickets being written off campus and support the community around us, we have come up with a parking plan. We will be communicating with both the current Junior and Senior students that park on campus, as well as any Junior students that will be receiving their license during the second semester.
We will ask that all current drivers with on-campus parking complete a Google Form with name, spot and date on days that they will not be driving to school. This form is very simple to complete and can be accessed using the link "my space today" which is shared here, and will also be posted on the website.   My space today!
The information posted on this form will then be populated to a Google Sheet. We ask that students are considerate members of the GLHS family and complete this form for each day that they will not be using their space. However, we will also have some incentives in place, in order to further encourage our on-campus parking students to support this effort. These incentives may include, but are not limited to: for our Seniors - preferred seating at graduation, reserved parking at graduation, and for our Juniors - a preferred spot for Senior year. Information regarding these incentives will be communicated shortly. Junior students that are interested in parking on campus when there is availability, can register with the school. Students that complete this registration will gain access to the Google Sheet and can claim any open spots once they are posted. Registration forms will be distributed and the ways to claim a spot will be communicated at Junior parking meetings which will be held at the start of each half of lunch in the Blue Gym on Friday, February 5th. Details will be publicly posted after this meeting.