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Why Summer Break Should Be Shorter


     I am sure that almost the entire school will disagree with me, but when I think about Summer vacation I think it should be shorter. After a two-week summer camp and a three-week vacation, there is nothing much to do. I am going to give you a few reasons why Summer vacation should be shorter.

     First of all, summer vacation is so boring. Think about it, after Summer Camp and the yearly family vacation there is nothing much to do. Unless you go to the pool every day or enjoy your parents telling you to go outside 15,000 times a day Summer is super rudimentary. I believe that parents should put the Summer camp and family vacation in the first month of Summer and have about 3 weeks to finish back to school shopping and settle back into the daily routine.

     Now that I have stated my opinion, I am going to tell you facts on this topic. Firstly, China goes to school for 6 days in a week and has much higher stats in educational differences. Secondly, India only has one month of summer break and it’s math and science scores are much higher than American scores in both subjects. Okay, I understand that science and math are only two subjects out of many, however, technology is evolving and more and more projects are looking like Stem activities. Did you know that on average, American students lose ⅓ of the information we learn over the school year in the summer?

     In conclusion, I know kids and even adults need downtime and summertime is great for that, however, do we really need 3 months for a break? I believe we should have a summer break, but it should not be as long as it is.