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We Need a Longer Break!

We Need a Break

By: Lillian A.

In my opinion, February break is WAY too short. I mean, 2 days of break, that’s nothing. We need a longer winter break, and I’m about to give you some reasons why this is true.

First of all, we only get 2 days off. That’s ridiculous. Say you want to go on vacation with your family, and you want to go somewhere far away. That sounds great, but you only have 4 days to do it, and that’s only because of the weekend. Then you will end up missing school, and have to make up the work,  just because the break is too short. It’s either don’t go on vacation or go on vacation and have to make up school work. If the break was longer, you would be able to go on a vacation without missing school or having to complete work that you missed.

Another reason why February break should be longer is the snow. It snows a lot in February, and then instead of giving us snow days, we could just have a longer winter break. That way we would have extra snow days just in case of a big snow storm(s). Even worse, if it snows before the February break, and we don’t have enough snow days for it, the school district might have to take days off of our break. And we only have 2 days! Imagine a winter break with only 1 day off!

A third and final reason why our school districts winter break should be longer, is we don’t get another break for a WHILE. We go from the holiday break, which is in December, and then we have to wait until February for another break, and we only get 2 days off. Then, after the winter break, we have to wait until April for another break. That’s 3 whole months. We have to go the rest of February, all of March, and then wait until April!! It doesn’t make any sense that the only break we have in between January and April is a 2-day break.

We don’t get a lot of breaks, especially during the winter. We need to have a longer winter break; at least longer than 2 days.