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Don't Press Send


By Lillian A. and Rayna H.

     In early October, 4th and 5th graders from the three elementary schools all went to Thomas P. Hughes School for an assembly on the internet.

     An expert on this topic, Katie Schumacher, came in to talk to us about the dangers and guidelines for the internet. She started by telling us we were the first generation with tech and we should use it properly.

     Then she told us the dangers and requested age for social media apps. The age was 13. She also told us that we should always think before we post anything, including pictures, videos, or comments.

     She also discussed how much time we should be on screens. She explained that we should only be on any screen for 1 hour in a day.

     After that she told us about online and video games. She informed us that we should never play online games with someone unless we invite them over to sit on your couch with you. She also told us the way to make sure we don’t waste  our time on screens is that we should only play when our friends are playing. We learned that online and video games could impact our lives in good or bad ways.

     She showed us a video that explained that even our parents can be addicted to their phones. Sometimes they miss moments that are very important in their children's life. That is why the night after the assembly Katie Schumacher, had a seminar for our parents telling them what she told us and more about how we can control our technology in our daily life.

     In conclusion, Katie Schumacher helped countless students know how to use technology properly. It will help you in ways you can’t see.