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Visitor Information

Information for Visitors

Our goal, in cooperation with the local police, is to maintain student and staff security through improved facilities, revised procedures, and the reduction of school visitors to the school during operational hours. Please consider the importance of your visit prior to your arrival.

Parents/Guardians are important educational partners and are welcome in Berkeley Heights Public Schools. In order to ensure the availability of teachers and counselors, parents are encouraged to schedule appointments for meetings in advance.

Upon arrival at a school building, a parent/guardian must use the main entrance of the building and sign in at the “Welcome Window” in the secure vestibule, where they will be asked to provide identification and receive a visitor identification tag.

Visits from students from other school buildings or districts are discouraged. Students are not permitted to have a guest in school unless the school's principal has approved the arrangements in advance. Visitors will not have access to the building beyond the vestibule unless they are invited in or have an appointment.

Family members will be invited to visit our schools at various times during the school year. Information about the procedures for these visitations will be provided by the building principal and classroom teachers.

Thank you.