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    App Design is a rigorous and advanced computer science class.  This class is divided into two units and transitions students from thinking about computer science as a tool to solve their own problems towards considering the broader social impacts of computing. The first unit The Design Process, is evenly split between on and offline work.  Students will progress through various activities using Activity Guides that support instruction. Through a series of design challenges, students are asked to consider and understand the needs of others while developing a solution to a problem. In the latter half of the Unit, students will move into the online App Lab.  Students will have completed the entire process of bringing a paper prototype into App Lab before they create their own app. The final unit project, students have the opportunity to identify a need that they care about, prototype solutions both on paper and in App Lab, and test their solutions with real users to get feedback and drive further iteration.
    The second Unit Data and Society is mostly offline and is about the importance of data in solving problems and highlights how computers can help in this process. The students begin by exploring different systems used to represent information in a computer and the challenges and tradeoffs posed by using them. In the next students learn how collections of data are used to solve problems, and how computers help to automate the steps of this process. The unit concludes by considering how the data problem-solving process can be applied to an area of the students' choosing.