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    Video Game Design is a rigorous, one quarter cycle class designed for 7th and 8th-grade students at Columbia Middle School that addresses 21st-century skills, career ready practices, and technology standards. Students are introduced to a problem solving and design process and given the opportunity to utilize these as they design an original video game. Throughout the course, students will be engaged in an authentic problem-based learning environment working as a team. Students will learn to utilize feedback from peers to revise their designs and develop better solutions. Throughout the course, students gain basic programming skills using code.org’s CS Discoveries framework. They learn to represent computing processes both on and offline and consider the impact of technology in the world. Additionally, this course lays the foundational knowledge needed to solve real-world problems across different areas of study and outside the classroom.

    The course is broken into two different units.  Unit 1 Problem Solving is mostly offline and introduces students to problem-solving strategies they will use throughout the course.  Unit 2 Animations and Games is a progressive online unit where students will move through different levels of coding to create a video game.