• Tutoring Services

    Please note: we currently have a shortage of French tutors.  Please expect a significant delay if requesting a French tutor.


    The Deerfield Homework Club is currently suspended pending approval of a new advisor.  Once a new advisor is found at Deerfield, GL NHS will continue to support this program.


    NHS tutoring services available during the school year:

    • GL IMC Drop-In Before School & During Lunch: The GL IMC will be staffed with NHS tutors daily before school from 7:15 - 7:45 am and during lunch.  No appointment is necessary.  Just sign into the IMC and head over to the tables on the side opposite of the computer stations.  NHS members will be present with a sign indicating what subject(s) they tutor.

    • Deerfield: The NHS will continue to support Deerfield's Homework Club after school once a week.  Please contact Deerfield School in Mountainside for more information.

    • One-on-One Appointments: Please complete this form if you have a one-on-one tutoring request for your child in grade 6 or higher.  If you are requesting a tutor for multiple subjects, please complete separate forms for each subject.
      • NHS tutors provide tutoring in specific subjects.  Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with "general homework completion."  Please request a specific subject that your child needs assistance in.

      • We will make every effort to accommodate your request, but please understand that NHS members are students that have other obligations (coursework, extra curricular/athletics, family, etc.) and are not as readily available as private tutors.  NHS tutors should only be expected to meet with tutees once a week for one hour.

      • NHS tutors are permitted to tutor one-on-one in the IMC during the school day or at either the Berkeley Heights Public Library, the Mountainside Public Library, or any mutually agreed upon public space if the appointment is outside of the school day.  NHS tutors are not permitted to tutor in private residences.

      • Additionally, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide transportation for the tutee.  NHS tutors are not permitted to transport tutees to or from tutoring sessions.

      • One-on-one tutoring requests are only processed during the school day.  It may take upwards of a week (five school days) for us to find an appropriate tutor to fill your request.  If you made a request when school is not in session, your request will be processed when school resumes.