• Greeting and Salutations from Mr Grego, string teacher at Mountain Park, Hughes School, and Woodruff School.

    brat inst                               cello                               agk                               violin

         Bratsche                  Cello                     AGK Bass                  Violin             

    The members of the Violin family are violin, viola, cello and double bass. The violin is the smallest and highest-tuned member of the violin family, with the highest voice of the four, it is the soprano of the family. The viola is the alto, the cello is a combination tenor-baritone-bass, and the double bass is the basso profondo, the “deep bass”. All four instruments are played with a bow, but they can be plucked with the fingers as well.
    The instruments of the violin family are the most used bowed string instruments in the world today. Although all share a place in classical music, they are also used to a lesser degree in jazz, electronic music, rock, and other types of popular music, where they are often amplified, or simply created to be used as electric instruments. The violin is also used extensively in fiddle music, country music, and folk music. The double bass plays an indispensable part in both classical and jazz music forms.



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