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     Welcome to
    Mt. Park
    School Library

      Mrs. Merrill, School Librarian can be reached at
    (908) 464-1713, ext 4323 or mmerrill@bhpsnj.org

    At any time during this hybrid and remote teaching, you can access the Mountain Park School Library catalog to request a book for your child.  There is a link to the 
    Mt. Park online catalog.  Once a book selection has been made, send me an email with the title, your child's name and teacher.  I will make sure the book is delivered.
    Mrs. Merrill


    Reading For Pleasure

    True literacy combines fundamental skills with an enthusiasm and respect for reading and learning.  The 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress demonstrates that children who read for fun are better readers.  Additionally, those who read a wide variety of styles and genres are more likely to have fun with reading and to make it a permanent part of their lives.
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    Take Action

     Always make books available to your child.  

    Take trips to the public library.

     Read with your child.

     Ask your child about the books he or she is reading. 

    Encourage your child to try new genres.

     Listen to books-on-CDs, as a family, while in the car.