2021 Spring Sports - Spectator Information/Protocols



    Dear 2021-22 FALL SPORTS SEASON ONLY Student-Athletes and families:

    Instructions for student-athletes participating in Fall Sports only (we will wait for any possible new NJDOH/NJSIAA or COVID-related changes for the Winter and Spring Sports Registrations to be finalized) during the 2021-22 school year.

    All Athletic registrations required to participate in High School Interscholastic Sports are now online (excluding Physical & Health History Update Forms).   

    Online Registration through FormReLeaf will open for the 2021-2022 School Year on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

    Instructions for student-athletes participating in sports during the 2021-22 school year.

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, please note there are several changes and adjustments to the Sports Registration Process.  Be patient and please READ through all the procedures.


    The 3 step process!

    Step 1- Complete the NJDOE Pre-Participation Evaluation Form (PPE/Sports Physical).  Each sports physical is only valid for 365 days in New Jersey.   Please work to procure a Doctor’s Appointment to complete your child’s sports physical paperwork (Pre-Participation Evaluation Forms-PPE).  NEW 4/30/21: We have worked with our School District Doctor, Care Station, to offer Sports Physicals at their Springfield Office location (90 US-22, Springfield Township, NJ 07081).  Please use this option if you are unable to get an appointment at your Doctor's Office.  Call the Springfield Office at (908) 925-2273- they are ready to take appointments.  Indicate that you are a Governor Livingston High School Student-Athlete and bring your Pre-participation Evaluation Form to be completed by the Doctor.  Please be reminded that if your child is an incoming freshman or a student looking to participate in FALL (please remember we will update the Winter and Spring registration site later in the school year) Sports for the first time this school year– they must receive a sport physical in order to participate

    Print the NJDOE Pre-participation Evaluation Forms (PPE/Sports Physical), have the forms completed by your doctor and signed. 

    Use the following link to print the form:


    (Physical Examination Form- must be completed by a certified Cardiac Module Doctor.)

    Scan the completed PPE form and email the signed completed form to GLSportsregistration@bhpsnj.org


    The addition of scanning the forms will allow for contactless submission of the required Sports Registration Forms


    Additional Details:

    The Health History Form must be completed by parents/guardians.

    All YES answers on the History Form must be explained.

    • All cardiac history or testing (ECG, EKG, Echocardiogram, etc.) noted on the History Form requires cardiac clearance by the student athlete’s doctor.

    The Athlete with Special Needs: Supplemental History Form- needs to be completed by parents/guardians, even if the student-athlete does not have special needs.  The form has important questions that must be answered by all student-athletes.


    If the student-athlete requires emergency medication (EpiPen or inhaler), forms including permission for self-administration, completed by the private physician are required.  Any student requiring medication must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Health Office prior to the start of preseason. Medication Forms:


    Please note that this process MUST be completed in a timely fashion.  The Berkeley Heights School District Doctor (Care Station) must sign off and approve all physical forms prior to a student-athlete being cleared to participate.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluations (PPE) performed by a private doctor will need to be reviewed and sign off/approved by Berkeley Heights School District Doctor (Care Station).  This process can take up to 10 days.

    NEW and continuing for the 2021-22 school year!!  The NJDOE and NJSIAA have developed a Health History Update Questionnaire to include 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) related questions. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:40-41.7(b), the Health History Update Questionnaire is to be completed and signed by a student-athlete’s parent or guardian.

    Once completed, the Health History Update Questionnaire shall be reviewed by the school nurse and, if applicable, the school athletic trainer. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:40-4, if an answer to a question on the Health History Update Questionnaire is YES, the certified school nurse and school physician (or other designated medical professional) shall determine whether additional medical attention and/or further evaluation is necessary.  Please note that in the past this form was only used for 2nd and 3rd sport student-athletes- but the form is now required for ALL 2021-22 Student-Athletes.


    Complete online and print the NJDOE Updated Health History Updated Questionnaire and parents/guardians should complete the form. 

    Use the following link to print the form:



    Scan the completed Updated Health History Updated Questionnaire Form and email the signed completed form to GLSportsregistration@bhpsnj.org

    The addition of scanning the forms will allow for contactless submission of the required Sports Registration Forms

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email the Health Office (jringwood@bhpsnj.org) and (908) 464-3100 ext. 2530.  Messages will be checked regularly over the summer.


    Step 2Complete the online sports registration- Form ReLeaf (Fall Sports only at this time):

    • If you do not already have an account with FormReleaf. Click on "SIGN UP" located at the upper right-hand corner of this page.
    • Register as an individual and create your account
    • On the Top menu bar select “Find Organization”
    • Search for Governor Livingston and Click On “School Name”
    • Click on the “Sport Season” you wish to register for
    • Click the appropriate sport, please check each sport your child is planning on participating during the 2021-22 Fall Sports only at this time and fill in all relevant questions. (any question with a red star is required to complete registration)
    • When finished click “Submit” located in lower right hand corner

    Please call Form ReLeaf Tech Support if you need further assistance @ 1-844-367-6735

    • Full time Union Magnet/ Vo-Tech Students are able to register by using the link above.


    Step 3Complete the Sports, Clubs and Activities Fee

    PayForIt is Transitioning to PaySchools Central!  

    Log on to the site:   https://www.payschoolscentral.com/

    FOR PAST PayForIt users follow these directions:

    PaySchools is excited to announce that BHPS/Governor Livingston High School is upgrading to the latest and greatest online payment product, PaySchools Central!  While the upgrade is intended to be seamless, PaySchools Central wants to make sure our Highlander Nation is aware of the specifics of the transition.

    1. When logging into PayForIt, users will be prompted with a message that their PayFotIt account has been replaced by PaySchools Central, and will be provided the link to access PaySchool Central.
    2. Clicking the PaySchools Central Link will re-direct users to the PaySchools Central login page.
    3. The user will then log in using their PayForIt credentials and they will be prompted to confirm credentials, students migrated, and any pertinent information about your account has been migrated as part of the transition.

    Once logged in- Click on the Optional Fees Tab and scroll down to the following:

    Sports, Clubs and Activities participation fee- 1 time per year $150.00  (Please click the small i in the circle for the Fee Details).  

    FOR 1st time users follow these directions:

    The BHPS/Governor Livingston High School has selected the PaySchools Central payment portal for parents/guardians to remit the Sports, Clubs, and Activities Participation Fee ($150.00).

    1. Create your account using your computer or tablet at: payschoolscentral.com
    2. If you want to use your phone, download the PaySchools Central App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    3. Complete account registration by selecting register, entering your profile details, setting up your password via the email link the site will send you, then logging in.
    4. Add your children to your account using the student’s Governor Livingston PowerSchool student (ID) number found by clicking into the Demographic Update page in the parent portal of PowerSchool.  Following Name (last, first MI) you will find the student (ID) number.  In addition, the PowerSchool student (ID) number has been shared via school district communications.  Magnet/Vo-Tech Student-Athletes- please reference below.
    5. If you would like, enter credit card and/or banking information as forms of payment to use with your PaySchools Central account or simply plan to use guest checkout when the time comes.  Rest assured that PaySchools is PCI-compliant and maintains industry-standard SSL certifications, ensuring all your family's data is safe and secure.

    Please click on the Optional Fees Tab and scroll down to the following:

    Sports, Clubs and Activities participation fee- 1 time per year $150.00  (Please click the small i in the circle for the Fee Details).   

    Please note that if there are any questions- contact PaySchools Central at 877-393-6628 or email: psc_help@payschools.com.


    All Magnet School Students will need to submit a $150.00 check for the participation fee to:

    Berkeley Heights Board of Education Business Office- Pay to Play Fee/Att. Marilyn Scarpati

    345 Plainfield Avenue

    Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

    Please add your child’s name and sport in the memo section of the check

    UCVTS Students do not receive a Power School ID number from Governor Livingston High School, therefore they are unable to use the online PaySchools Central Site. 

    All PaySchools Central processing and/or fee questions should be directed to the Berkeley Heights Board of Education- Business Office/Mrs. Scarpati at mscarpati@bhpsnj.org


    Please note that once a student-athlete has cleared the 3 Step process- you will receive an email indicating your child has been cleared to participate in athletics.  Please DO NOT have your student-athlete report to practice until you have received the clearance email.

    Check-off list for you:

    __________  Step 1- complete your child’s pre-participation evaluation form (including medications forms- if required) and complete the Health History Update Questionnaire.  (2 tasks)

    __________  Step 2- complete your child’s online sports registration- Form ReLeaf (FALL SPORTS ONLY):

    __________ Step 3- complete your child’s Sports Activity Fee via the Pay Schools Central Site (please contact the business office with inquiries).



    Deadlines for completing the 2021-2022 Sports Registration Process- July 19, 2021!!!  Remember we will be accepting FALL SPORTS Registrations at this time:

    (Please note the Form ReLeaf site is opened as of 5/19/21)

    No one may participate in tryouts/practices without an approved New Jersey Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE); that has been signed off by the Berkeley Heights School Doctor- Care Station. 

    Please remember our Fall Sports Season Sports Registration Deadline is 7/19/21!!


    Thank you as always for being the best of the best and willing to champion the Highlander Way of working through challenges together.  




    The Governor Livingston High School Athletic Department

    Contact Information


    Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

    Ann B. Clifton, M.Ed

    Office: (908) 464-3100 ext. 2540

    Email: aclifton@bhpsnj.org


    Athletic Office Secretary

    Ashley Reedy

    Office: (908) 464-3100 ext. 2545

    Office Fax: (908) 464-1548

    Email: areedy@bhpsnj.org


    Head Athletic Trainer

    Todd Hirsch, MS, ATC

    Office: (908) 464-3100 ext. 2546

    Email: thirsch@bhpsnj.org

    (General Athletic Injury questions and Pay for it inquiries)


    Health Office Nurse

    Jeanne Ringwood

    Office: (908) 464-3100 ext. 2530

    Email: jringwood@bhpsnj.org

    (Sports Registration questions, Injury reports and sports specific medicine inquiries)


    Berkeley Heights Transportation Department:

    Kelly Sheehan, Coordinator

    (908) 464-3100 ext. 1910

    Email: ksheehan@bhpsnj.org


    Main Office at Governor Livingston High School

    (908) 464-3100

    Address: 175 Watchung Blvd.

    Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

    Website: https://www.bhpsnj.org/Domain/8


    Athletic Schedule Website: https://www.unioncountyconferencenj.org/public/genie/278/school/8/


    Notes: Decisions about athletic event cancellations will be made in a timely manner and typically by 1:30pm on the day of the event.

    Announcement:  Due to safety concerns - it is NOT permissible to drive past the gate into the Stadium.  Only authorized vehicles are permitted to drive through the gate.  Please contact the Governor Livingston Athletic Office if you have any questions. 

    Go Highlanders!


    Questions regarding specific sports should be directed to the coach of the team on which your son/daughter is playing.

    By design, athletic participation is filled with a great many challenges.  Winning is not always the most important thing, but trying to is.  Parents can make a big difference in the success of the athletic program by encouraging their student/athletes and by supporting the coaches’ and officials’ decisions.

    Parents and student-athletes are encouraged to contact the coach for clarification, understanding and counsel.

    The GOVERNOR LIVINGSTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT is held in high regard by the NJSIAAUNION COUNTY CONFERENCE, and Union County Interscholastic Athletic Association.  Athletes are expected to uphold this tradition by exhibiting the highest level of competition and sportsmanship.  Governor Livingston athletes traditionally are noted for dedication to their sport, intense competitiveness, and respect for opponents and officials.


    It is the intent of GOVERNOR LIVINGSTON’S ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT to provide to the students of the high school a comprehensive, well-planned and balanced program of interscholastic athletics and to show how the student can benefit from participation in this type of activity.

    The purpose of the athletic program at Governor Livingston is to provide for the pursuit of competitive excellence in all sports, with the understanding that the pursuit of that excellence is educational in purpose.  The prime concern is to develop the student-athlete physically, mentally, socially and emotionally in a positive environment among all coaches, and participants.

    The athletic program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies, rules and regulations.  While the Board of Education takes great pride in winning, it does not condone “winning at any cost!”  The Board discourages any and all pressures, which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health.  Infractions are all inclusive for disciplinary purposes no matter the nature of the offense.


    The program shall be managed and teams coached in a manner which strives to achieve the following objectives:

    • Athletes should be required to maintain academic standards consistent with our eligibility policy.
    • Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right.Athletes must learn to abide by rules, regulations, and decisions associated with their particular sport. 
    • The coach has the responsibility to determine an athlete’s ability and talent, who shall make the team, and the coaching techniques and strategies that, will be employed.
    • There must be mutual respect for all who are involved in the competition – teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials. Participation helps develop character, cooperation, and the moral and ethical values that lead to useful citizenship.
    • Participation teaches a student that discipline and self-sacrifice are necessary ingredients of teamwork.
    • Through participation, the student-athlete will develop a healthy body, sound mind, and an appreciation of individual differences. 
    • Participation leads to a better understanding of ethics, sportsmanship, integrity, and fair play.
    • Valuable lessons are learned in the course of the competition, both winning and losing.  They help us grow up and develop.
    • The Board of Education, administration, members of the athletic staff, student-athletes, and parents should do everything within their power and ability to promote the athletic program and to create an atmosphere of learning that is in the best interest of students and the community. 

    Athletic Goals and Objectives 

    #1 Goal – The student-athlete shall become a more effective citizen in a democratic society.

    Specific Objectives

    The student-athlete shall learn teamwork: To work with others in a democratic society, a person must develop self-discipline, and respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice. Athletes must place the team and its objectives higher than personal desires.

    To have fun and learn: The main reason student-athletes participate in sports and games.

    To be successful: Our society is very competitive.  We do not always win, but we succeed when we continually strive to do so. You can learn to accept defeat only by striving to win with earnest dedication.  Develop a desire to excel. 

    Sportsmanship: To accept success and defeat like a true sportsman, knowing you have done your best.  We must learn to treat others as we would have others treat us. We need to develop desirable social traits, including emotional control, honesty, cooperation, and dependability.

    To improve: Continual improvement is essential to good citizenship.  As an athlete, you must establish a goal and constantly try to reach that goal.  Try to better yourself in the skills involved and in those characteristics set forth as being desirable.

    Enjoy athletics: It is necessary to acknowledge all of the personal rewards we derive from athletics and to give sufficiently of ourselves in order to preserve and improve the program.

    To develop desirable personal health habits: To be an active, contributing citizen, it is important to obtain a high degree of physical fitness through exercise and good health habits and to develop a desire to maintain this level of physical fitness after the formal competition has been completed.




    Dear Governor Livingston Highlander Community:

    It is an honor for me to be the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics for the Governor Livingston High School community.  As a proud New Jersey resident, I am very familiar with the prestige and excellence associated with the Berkeley Height Public School District.  The common theme of outstanding academics, extra-curricular offerings and championship interscholastic athletics is synonymous with the Highlanders.   I am excited every day to work to build on these legacies and be part of the Highlanders community!

    I would like to share a bit about my background for your reference.  I began my career in education with the Randolph Township Public School District as a teacher and coach of several sports.  As the Head Girls Soccer Coach, I was fortunate to develop a nationally recognized program.  As I continued to hone my coaching craft, I was offered the opportunity to become the first full time Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Villanova University.  Under my tutelage, the women’s soccer program rose to national prominence.  The pinnacle of the experience was when the team won the Big East Tournament and competed in the NCAA National Tournament Sweet Sixteen game at home.  During my tenure, I held leadership positions with several NCAA National Committees and was the President of the Big East Conference Coaches Association.  These experiences directed me to the next phase of my career, Athletic Administration.  It was difficult to hang up my coaching hat but I have been able to direct my passions to improving the overall student athlete experience within all sports offerings.

    I would like to explain my personal philosophy of athletic administration; it lies in the belief that the student athlete experience is paramount.  The process of administration must be nurtured and continue to evolve based on the needs of the student athlete and coaching staff.  The athletic arena setting provides a wonderful and unique opportunity to foster each student athlete’s desires to develop as a player and a person.  I believe that it is a coach’s role to be a facilitator of each student athlete’s journey to become a valuable member of the team and society.  It is my job to provide the highest quality of guidance to the coaching staff, supporting them as they enlighten each individual team member to achieve great success.

    The opportunity to represent the Governor Livingston High School community and the Highlander athletic program will require determination, dedication, discipline and hard work.  Our student athletes will embodied these traits during their high school careers wearing the Red and Blue.  We will win many competitions and will represent the communities of Berkeley Heights and Mountainside with great pride and class.

    In closing, I greatly look forward to meeting all our supporters and championing the Tradition of Honest Excellence in all facets of the Athletic Department.


    Go Highlanders!

    Ann B. Clifton, Director of Athletics