• Mr.Brown's Philosophy

    Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program of each student in our school. Through the medium of sport and movement, students will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of their lifestyle choices.  These activities will allow them to make educated decisions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

     Physical Education focuses, not only on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also intergating social skills in everyday activities.  Mountain Park is committed to and supports, the development of a positive and appropriate value-driven education. Social skills include, but are not limited to; respect, cooperation, communication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  These are  all important aspects of the Physical Education curriculum and will be directly taught throughout the student's school career.

    The values, principles and concepts associated with a quality physical education program, surpass the boundaries of the gymnasium and playing fields. Physical activity is a catalyst for learning in all content areas. It is my hope that such skills will transcend the classroom and build character as well as knowledge in our students.

    - Mr. Brown

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