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     Looking forward to a great year of fun and fitness! 
     Girl Playing Clip Art   Please have your child wear sneakers everyday 
    - Students will particpate in P.E 3xs in a 6 day cycle.
    A Day- Mrs. Burga and Mr. Reel, Mrs. Delatour and Ms.Fitzpatrick, Mrs.Watkins and Mrs. Mckinney
    B Day- Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Calabrese, Ms. Parrott, Mrs. Murray
    C Day- Mr. Waller, Ms. Morris
    D Day-    Mrs.Barton, Mr. Waller, Mrs. Delatour and Ms. Fitzpatrick, Mrs.Murray, Mrs. Calabrese,   and Ms.Parrott
    E Day- Mrs. Burga and Mr.Reel, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Delatour and Ms.Fitzpatrick, Ms.Morris, Mrs. Calabrese, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. McKinnney, and Ms.Parrott
    F Day- Mrs. Burga and Mr. Reel, Mr.Waller, Mrs.Delatour and Ms.Fizpatrick, Mrs.Watkins, and Mrs. McKinney
    You can log your steps with your family.
    School: William Woodruff School- Physical Education and Health
    email: mcollins@bhpsnj.org
    Voice Mail- * 908-464-1753 * 5326