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    Department:  Social Studies
    Phone Extension:2344
    Email Address: jhudacko@bhpsnj.org
    Availability: During lunch on Mon. Wed. or Fri when not schuduled for lunch duty
    Homework: Posted to Google Classroom 

    Class Expectations and Grading Policy
    Grading Policy Grades will be calculated on a points scale. Each assignment will be given a point value based on the category it falls into. Grades will be determined by dividing the points earned by the total number of points available.

    •         Homework: 25 pts. each
    •         Tests/Papers/Projects: 100 pts. each
    •         Quizzes: 50 pts. each
    •         Class work assignments and participation: 25 pts. each

    Teacher Expectations: The 5 P’sPolite: Be respectful of your classmates, teacher and classroom; Discussion is an important part of the history classroom. All opinions will be presented respectfully and will be respected by the class. Opposing opinions will also be presented respectfully. Teasing, bullying, and talking back will not be tolerated.Prompt: On time and in your seat working on the do now when the bell ringsPrepared: It is expected that you read the assigned pages for each class; Come to class with your iPad charged,lined paper, textbook, pens and pencils; Eat before coming to class not in class.Productive: Maximize learning time by staying on task, and by following directions their first time they are given. Playing games on the iPads or distractions from other electronic devices will not be toleratedPatient: Wait respectfully for your turn. Listen and track the speaker when someone is talking