Mr. Segear's Final Coffee House

    I will be retiring on February 26, 2021, so we will be having a Virtual Coffee House on Wednesday,

    February 17th, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

    If you are interested in participating please contact Mr. Segear or Mrs. Morin via email at GLHS.


    2020-2021 Guitar Club going Virtual 

    This year I am excited to announce the Mrs. Morin will be joining me as a co-advisor for the GLHS Guitar Club


    As we continue to battle  Covid-19 the GLHS Guitar Club is going to continue meeting every Wednesday from 1245-1:15 pm virtually. If you would like to join please send an email to Mr. Segear or Mrs. Morin.





    Guitar Club
    The Governor Livingston High School Guitar Club has been meeting once per week for the past eight years. We meet every Wednesday during lunch, usually in room 123 


    The GLHS Guitar Club is a drug and alcohol-free, "positive alternative activity" that provides an opportunity for students to learn about and practice the guitar. During our weekly meetings club members have a chance to meet other students with similar musical interests and develop new friendships. These new friendships have resulted in students getting together after school and over the weekends to play music, sing songs and to just have fun.  

    Several times a year we hold GLHS Music "Coffee Houses" which is an opportunity for these students to perform live in front of their peers and family members at the GLHS Coffee Houses. We usually have around 100 people in attendance for the Coffee Houses, the audience consisting of students, district faculty members and grandparents, moms and dads and sibling's of our student performers.


    If you you like to make a donation or donate any musical equipment, guitars, amplifiers or

    key boards, please contact:

    Bob Segear  @ 908-464-3100 ext 2713, or by email  bsegear@bhpsnj.org



    The Coffee Houses provide an opportunity for students to share their musical skills to their peers. 




    December 14, 2016   6:00-8:30 PM    
    Last Coffee of the Year


    June 30, 2016 at 9:04 PM

    BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Gov. Livingston Guitar Club brought their "Road Trip" Coffee House back home to the GL Cafeteria for one last show before school broke for summer to show off the talents of both veteran and first time performers.  

    The event, organized by Student Assistance teacher Bob Segear, showcased approximately 20 student and teacher performers (see photo gallery of entertainers) who jammed to popular hits by Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Black Keys, Elvis Presley, self written songs, and Segear played a classic Eagles tune, "This Train Leaves Here This Morning."  

    Segear introduced the students and teachers and handed a special commemorative guitar pick [inscribed with "Jammin' @ GL"] to each of the first time performers

    He started the Guitar Club five years ago as a volunteer club for students to come to his classroom during lunch to jam and share common music interests with other students. The "Positive Alternative Program" has led to friendships that extend outside of school to "play music, sing songs and to just have fun." They bring their talent on the road a few times a year to provide an opportunity to share their musical skills with their friends and family. 

    Graduating senior Bernie Greene, a member of the GLTV crew, was introduced to the Guitar Club four years ago when he filmed one of their first shows. Since, Greene has purchased six guitars and finally took the stage at this show to play a Nirvana song.

    Segear's dream to impact the lives of students has been seen time and again. Students are drawn to Segear's genuine passion and commitment to inspire students to enjoy the natural high of playing music.

    It isn't easy to step out of your comfort zone and perform in front of a room full of peers, as experienced by Columbia Middle School teacher Rebecca Siebelt. "I give a lot of credit to all of you," said Siebelt, who eased into her performance of "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. 

    Graduating senior Matt Koutsaftes, presented Segear with a banner he designed to hang as the backdrop for future Road Trip Coffee House concerts for years to come.

    In addition to the Road Trip Coffee House performances, students have been encouraged to compose songs for the statewide "New Jersey Shout Down Drugs Music Competition." This year, freshman Olivia McKeon was a finalist with her song "Fallin Fast”, which she performed on piano. In 2014, GLHS had four students reach the finals with entries by Kate Parker, Teddy Cole, Ryan Hernandez and Kylie Meltzer

     Matt K Bernie Greene making his debut! Matt K's Road Trip Coffee House Banner
    Vincenzo from Italy
    2016 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs Music Competition
    Congratulations to GLHS student Olivia McKeon who is a finalist in the 2016 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs Music Competition.
    Her song "Fallin Fast"  can be heard by going to www.ShoutDownDrugs.com
     2015 New Jersey Shouts Down Drug Music Competition
    Student's song did not get voted into the final round 
    2014 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs Music Competition
    Ryan Kylie
                                        Ryan Hernandez Kylie Meltzer
    Ted Kate
                                        Teddy Cole & Kate Parker

    Last year, four GLHS Guitar Club members formed two musical groups. They wrote songs and entered the 2014 New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs music competition. The GLHS music groups finished # 1 and # 2 in the state-wide on line vote and as a result both musical groups made it into the FINAL round of competition and performed live at NJ PAC in Newark, NJ.

    The awesome thing was that all of these students knew each other before the guitar club but they made their musical connections through the weekly guitar club meetings.


    1st Ever "Road Trip" Coffee House
     The Performers

    The "Road Trip" PERFORMERS

    It's STANDING ROOM ONLY  .... as the GLHS Guitar Club Rocks Out @ Famous Dave's

    On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, The Governor Livingston High School Guitar Club took the their Coffee House on the 1st ever “Road Trip” and performed @ Famous Dave’s restaurant on Rt. 22 in Mountainside from 5:30-8:00 PM


    A total of 14 GLHS students and faculty members performed music in front of the standing room only dinner crowd.  

    The student performers featured Ryan Hernandez, Teddy Cole, Annabella Hernandez, Adrianna Powers, Matt Nixon, Matt Sylvester, Kilian Quinn, Sean Hannaford, Matt Ward and Matt Koutsaftes, while the faculty performers were Mr. Bud Ayres, Ms. Beryl Roman and Mr. Bob S


    Since its start the GLHS Guitar Club has grown in popularity. Last year Mr. Segear asked the assistance of the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation, who approved grant requests to purchase additional musical equipment, expand the program and take the Coffee Houses on "The Road".

    The GLHS Guitar Club advisor is Mr. Bob Segear. To get additional information on the GLHS Guitar Club  or make a donation you can contact Mr. Segear by calling (908-464-3100 ext 2713) or by email @ bsegear@bhpsnj.org.


    "Thanks for Coming to School Today" ...  Mr. Bob Segear