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    Mme. Combe   
    Quebec Trip
    February 2021
       More information to come in September regarding Covid
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    * Only 7th and 8th students enrolled in French at CMS are eligible. 
    *Please note this trip is not affiliated with the BHPS Board of Education and is being run by an independent tour company 
    Dates: TBD
    This club is open to 7th and 8th grade students only. Spaces are limited and first come first serve. For more information about the club and our specific registration process, see the site below. 
    Flag France animated gif 240x180

     Image from http://www.crossed-flag-pins.com/animated-flag-gif/flags-France.html


    Contact Information
    Email: acombe@bhpsnj.org
    Phone: 908-464-1600 ext. 1675




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