• Standards and Assessment N.J.A.C. Pertaining to High School Graduation Requirement, Pursuant to N.J.S.A.18A:7A-10 through 14, 18A:7C-1 et seq., 18A:7E-2 through 5, 18A:35-4.2 and 4.7, and 18A:59-5.  

    The State Board adopted changes to New Jersey's high school graduation requirement
    The approved amendments throughout the chapter transition away from the comprehensive HSPA to end-of-course assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) 10 and Algebra I as the statewide assessment graduation requirement. These assessments were selected as the appropriate assessments for students to demonstrate graduation proficiency as the tests appear to align best with the expectations of the knowledge and skills for graduation established in state statute. However, the selection of ELA 10 and Algebra I is being made to ease the transition to a new assessment system and will be reassessed after a few years of implementation.  

    In addition, the transition of the statewide assessment graduation requirement to end-of-course assessments will take place gradually. As such, students graduating in 2016 through 2019 will be able to satisfy the requirement to demonstrate proficiency in English language arts and mathematics through a means other than an end-of-course PARCC assessment, including achieving a passing score on a substitute competency test or meeting the criteria of NJDOE's portfolio appeal process.  

    Students graduating in the class of 2020 will be permitted to demonstrate graduation proficiency through the same alternative means as those in the classes of 2016 through 2019, provided that students in the class of 2020 take all end-of-course PARCC assessments for which they are eligible as of the effective date of the approved amendments.  

    Students graduating in 2021, and thereafter, who have not demonstrated proficiency on English language arts and mathematics though the end-of-course PARCC assessment by their senior year may demonstrate graduation proficiency by meeting the criteria of the portfolio appeals process. The criteria used in NJDOE's portfolio appeals process for the class of 2016 and thereafter will be similar to the criteria used for the Alternative High School Assessment (AHSA) appeals process.