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    Rules and Procedures
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    Dear Woodruff School Families,
    During the 1996-97 school year, members of the Woodruff Staff worked to create a set of beliefs and a mission statement that would reflect all of the ideals that Woodruff School represents.
    The committee, consisting of, Mrs. Marzarella, Ms. Masterson, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Sventy, Mrs. Terranova, Miss Whiting and Miss Gasparini worked diligently throughout the school year. Mr. Tienken acted as the facilitator to guide the committee to meet its goals. A group of parents, Mrs. Broccoli, Mrs. Haymaker, Mrs. Hollowell, and Mrs. Portnoi reviewed the final draft and provided valuable input.

    Through the efforts of all involved, seven beliefs were identifed. These beliefs and the mission statement encompass what each member of the Woodruff School community believes to be the essence of education in our school.

    William Woodruff School’s mission statement reads:
    The beliefs stated below reflect the specific areas that must be addressed to ensure that our mission is a reality.
    1. We believe that providing a warm, caring, and supportive school climate fosters an environment conducive to learning.
    2. We believe that students are responsible and accountable for their academic and social behavior.
    3. We believe in a school environment that exhibits honesty, trust, respect for authority, self, and others.
    4. We believe that each child is a unique individual and can be encouraged to work up to his or her potential.
    5. We believe that good listening, critical thinking, problem solving, and risk-taking are essential elements in learning.
    6. We believe that children should display tolerance and acceptance of the differences in others.
    7. We believe that a positive partnership between the school, home, and community encourages community service and enhances good citizenship and pride.

    In developing our mission statement and set of beliefs, the committee recognized the need to review, modify, and update the original Code of Conduct. It had been developed in the late eighties to provide a learning environment that exhibited honesty, respect, trust, and cooperation.
    The committee agreed that a Code of Conduct was key in providing students with the framework necessary to live up to the school’s newly formed mission statement.
    At the start of each school year, the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the principal with your child and his/her classmates. The committee asks that you, as parents, review the Code of Conduct with your child. As you discuss its contents, you may have questions on the meaning of certain terminology. A glossary has been included to define all of the terms that may be unfamiliar.
    Our mission statement, set of beliefs, and Code of Conduct will serve as a compass for guiding and assisting your child in becoming a caring and productive life-long-learner. The Woodruff School community recognizes that together we can work to ensure that all of your children are provided the best possible education.
    The committee thanks you for your support in providing a respectful, caring, and supportive educational environment for your child and all of the children at William Woodruff School.
    Immediately below is a glossary to assist you and your child in understanding specific terminology contained in the Code of Conduct.

    * * * * *

    Infraction (Regular): The breaking of a school rule that will result in a warning, recess detention, and/or morning detention.
    Infraction (Severe): The breaking of a school rule deemed as a grave offense. This type of infraction will result in immediate notification by the principal along with possible morning detention or in-school/out of school suspension. A student committing a severe infraction will return to school only after a parential conference with the principal.
    Infraction Violation Form: This form will be completed by the teacher/staff member reporting the infraction. The form will be sent home to notify the parent/guardian of the infraction and will be returned to school the next day with the signature of the parent/guardian.
    Problem Reflection Form: This form will be completed by all third, fourth and fifth grade students as a means of identifying their inappropriate behavior and determining steps to eliminate this behavior in the future.
    Morning Detention: Students will receive morning detention after having served three recess detentions. Morning detention will be from 7:55-8:25 a.m. Parents/guardians must make arrangements for transportation.
    Time-out: Immediate removal of the student by the teacher from the environment where the inappropriate behavior is occurring.
    Suspension Policy (18A:37-2): The policy adopted by the Board of Education for suspension or expulsion of students.

    1. Be kind and respectful in speech and actions
    2. Obey safety rules and safety patrol
    3. Arrive at school on time
    a. Two unexcused tardies will result in detention.
    4. Follow classroom rules
    5. Respect school property; furniture, books, bathrooms
    6. Walk quietly, in a single file in the hall

    a. Cutting in line is not permitted
    b. Saving places in line is not permitted
    c. Keep hands to yourself
    7. Chewing gum is not allowed
    8. Wearing hats in school is not allowed
    1. Listen to and follow the directions of the person in charge
    2. Get permission and or pass to enter the building/classroom
    3. Fighting is prohibited
    4. Use good sportsmanship
    5. Line up promptly and quietly
    6. Enter school quietly and in single file
    1. Follow and respect the directions of teacher aides
    2. Speak in conversational tones
    3. Handle food properly
    4. Keep eating areas clean
    5. Keep coats and equipment in proper area.
    6. Walk when entering, lining up for food, and exiting the cafeteria
    1. Exit building in an orderly manner
    2. Walkers exit building by doors leading to the playground
    3. Students may not reenter school building after school hours without permission from staff
    1. Make one line for each bus
    2. Upon taking your seat, fasten your seatbelt
    3. Keep aisle clear at all times
    4. Obey bus safety patrols
    5. Use conversational tones
    1. Enter and exit quietly
    2. Use appropriate applause
    3. Be a respectful and attentive audience
    4. Use of bathroom during a performance is prohibited
    1. Sign in and out of the classroom when using the bathroom
    2. Flush the toilet and wash your hands before returning to your classroom
    3. Keep bathrooms clean
    1. Be on time to school before late bell at 8:35am.
    2. Two unexcused tardies will result in detention.
    Infractions will be accumulated during the course of one school day. All penalties will occur the following school day.
    1st offense: Name on board as a warning
    2nd offense: One check mark after name-loss of recess time the next day
    3rd offense: Second check mark after name-loss of recess time the next day
    Form is filled out by the teacher and given to the principal. The principal will send notification form home with child to be signed by parent and returned the next day. Failure to have signed form returned the next day, will result in another lost day of recess and parent notification by phone.
    4th offense: Third check mark after name-loss of two recess times beginning the next day-Immediate "time out"
    -Principal and parental notification
    Form is filled out by the teacher and given to the principal. Form is sent home with child to be signed by parent and returned the next day. The principal will confer with the parent.
    5th offense: Fourth check mark after name· Morning detention and when appropriate, parent/principal/student/teacher conference
    * three recess detentions will result in a morning detention.
    * three morning detentions will result in an in-school suspension.
    (Penalties for the fourth and fifth offenses apply to students in grades 3, 4, and 5.)
    Defacing of school property
    Using inappropriate language orally or in writing
    Being disrespectful to an adult
    Endangering other students or teachers
    Possession of a weapon
    Bringing in inappropriate material
    SEVERE INFRACTIONS will result in: Parental notification by principal
    SEVERE INFRACTIONS may also result in:
    Multiple morning detentions
    · In school/ out-of-school suspension
    · Parental conference for reentry to school after suspension
    · Behavior modification program

    The following is a statement of the Berkeley Heights Board of Education’s Policy on Pupil Suspension:
    18A:37-2 Causes for suspensions or expulsion of pupils.
    Any pupil who is guilty of continued and willful disobedience, or of open defiance of the authority of any teacher or person having authority over him/her, or the habitual use of profanity or of obscene language, or who shall cut, deface or otherwise injure any school property, shall be liable to punishment and to suspension or expulsion from school
    Conduct which shall constitute good cause for suspension or expulsion of a pupil guilty of such conduct shall include, but not be limited to, any of the following:
    a. continued and willful disobedience;
    b. open defiance of authority of any teacher or person having authority over him/her;
    c. conduct of such character as to constitute a continuing danger to the well being of other pupils;
    d. physical assault upon another pupil or upon any teacher or other school employee;
    e. taking or attempting to take, personal property or money from another pupil, or from his presence by means of force or fear.
    f. willfully causing, or attempting to cause, substantial damage to school property;
    g. participation in an unauthorized occupancy by any group of pupils or others of any school building owned by any school district, and failure to leave such school or other facility promptly after having been directed to do so by the principal or other person in charge of such building facility;
    h. incitement which is intended to and does result in unauthorized occupation by any group of pupils or others of any part of a school or other facility owned by any school district; and
    I.incitement which is intended to and does result in truancy by other pupils.
    When attending detention, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be required to complete a form that applies the social decision making process. Students will be required to identify their inappropriate behavior and choose the steps they will use to improve in the future.


    Student Name____________________
    Describe what happened:
    How did you feel? ______________________________________________________
    surprised, hurt, silly, smart, irritable, upset, worried, interested, proud, loving, sad, excited, scared, confused, anxious, sorry, bored, satisfied, lonely, guilty, angry, cranky, guilty, shocked, pleased, nervous.
    Who was involved?_____________________________________________
    When did it happen?______________________________________________
    Where did it happen?______________________________________________
    How did you feel?__________________________________________________
    Did you use "KEEP CALM?" yes no
    How did you try to solve this problem? ______________________________________________________
    How could you have solved the problem in a more appropriate manner?
    Infractions Violation Form
    _______________________________________is in violation of
    (Child’s Name)
    the Code of Conduct
    as reported by______________________________________
    (Staff Member Reporting)
    The general rule that was violated was:
    This is his/her ____________________offense.
    As a result of this infraction, detention has been scheduled for:
    day(s) of the week
    Detention will be:
    _______ during recess time
    _______ in the morning from 7:55-8:25am
    _______ in-school suspension
    I have read this form and reviewed the Code of Conduct with my child.

    __________________________________ (Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature)
    _________________________________ ______________(Student’s Signature) (Date)