• CMS Teams 

    Sixth Grade Blue
    Science - Mr. Karl
    Math - Mrs. Sena
    Social Studies - Mrs. Bokach
    Reading - Mrs. Schmidt
    Writing - Ms. Shusta
    Sixth Grade Gold
    Science - Mrs. Tota
    Math - Mrs. Kane
    Social Studies - Mr. Roof
    Reading - Mrs. Tracey
    Writing - Mrs. Scialfa

    Seventh Grade Blue

    English - Ms. Krasovec
    Social Studies - Mrs. McGann
    Science - Mrs. Froehlich
    Math - Mrs. Vieira/Mrs. Kang

    Seventh Grade Gold

    English - Mrs. Healey
    Social Studies - Mr. Buonaspina
    Science - Ms. Molinaro
    Math - Ms. Sperling/Mrs. Kang

    Eighth Grade Blue

    English - Ms. Ganger
    Social Studies - Ms. Chumbayeva
    Science - Ms. Lee
    Math - Ms. Reedy/Mrs. Heller

    Eighth Grade Gold

    English - Ms. Palmiere
    Social Studies - Mrs. Koulouroudis
    Science - Mr. Clayton
    Math - Mrs. Kang/Mrs. Heller



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