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    English 1 Syllabus

    Mrs. Sample-Duffy


    Welcome to freshman year and English class!  My goal is for every student to not only walk away with enhanced reading and writing skills, but also an interest in either the content covered, creative projects, discussions or class activities offered throughout the year.  Your daily cooperation and participation is required in order to achieve this goal.


    Basic Classroom Rules


    1. Come to class on time.  Class begins promptly with the bell.  Lateness will result in detention and will affect your grade if you are missing the Do Now.
    2. Enter class quietly and get to work.  Take your seat, get out work, write down homework and check board for Do Now.
    3. Be prepared.  Bring any required material to class with you daily. (ie. text, journal, homework, iPad, supplies)
    4. Practice respect and civility.  Be respectful and mannerly when dealing with  your teacher and classmates.
    5. Raise your hand.  Do not call out/interrupt to participate or ask a question.
    6. Remain seated during class.  Do not wander or leave the classroom without permission.  
    7. Remain on task during class.  Do not distract others or yourself with inappropriate/unrelated activities during class.
    8. Comply with requests.  When asked to do something by the teacher, adhere to the request immediately.  Individual concerns will be heard after class.
    9. Dismissal.  The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  Remain seated.

    Discipline Procedures


    1st Offense: Awareness, discussion after class.


    2nd Offense: Teacher detention and phone call home.


    3rd Offense:  Discipline referral.


    These consequences are used as a guideline and may be altered dependent upon teacher discretion and severity of the incident.



    Late Work:

    Homework:  Late homework will not be accepted.  Completing all assignments is essential in order to participate in class discussions and activities.

    Reading assignments cannot be completed late- students are expected to complete reading checks despite absences.


    Papers/Projects:  Late assignments will be penalized by 10% per day late.


    Absences/Make-Up Work:

    If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make up the work missed.  During your absence check Google Classroom for assignments and handouts.  

    Email me if you have questions about homework during your absence.  Upon your return, speak with me BEFORE or AFTER class, during lunch or after school to verify that you have all missed work.


    Tests/Quizzes:  If you are absent during an assessment, it is your responsibility to schedule a time to make up the test/quiz within three school days of an excused absence.  Failure to do so will result in a zero for the assessment.


    Work assigned prior to your absence is due immediately upon your return to class.



    All grades are based on a points system.  At the end of the marking period, I will add the total number of points you earned on each assignment.  I then divide this sum by the total number of points possible that marking period.


    These are approximate point values for assignments:

    Homework, Reading Checks, Classwork:  5-15 pts.

    Quizzes:  25-50 pts.

    Tests, Essays, Projects:  75-100 pts.

    Participation:  Points will be awarded/taken in conjunction with certain projects or group work.


    Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.  If a student is caught cheating or otherwise violating the school’s policy for academic integrity, appropriate disciplinary

    action will be taken.  Any student guilty of cheating/plagiarizing will receive no credit for the assignment.



    Students should come to class prepared with a charged iPad each day.  Students are not permitted to charge their iPads or phones during class.

    However...i-Pads should only be taken out and used with the teacher’s permission.

    **Students are expected to adhere to the school’s acceptable use policy for technology at all times.  Misuse of technology will result in disciplinary consequences including detention, loss of credit on an assignment, and/or confiscation of the iPad.**


    Cell Phones:

    Silence your phone and put it away before class begins.  I shouldn’t see it or hear it. The school policy for cell phone use can be found in the student handbook.  

    If a student is found using a cell phone or other electronic device during a quiz, test or exam, he/she will risk receiving a zero for the assessment.




    Class Materials & Texts:

    Some literary pieces covered this year include The Taming of the Shrew, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Pearl, as well as various short stories and poems selected from the Holt Elements of Literature text.  Students must bring a journal (marble book) and regular notebook to class every day.



    Writing assignments will be assigned regularly, based on topics discussed in class.  Topics of emphasis will include proper thesis and paragraph structure, as well as proper grammar/mechanics.  All writing assignments should be neatly typed and adhere to MLA format. Assignments that are severely crumpled, ripped or otherwise illegible will not be accepted.

    Rewrites:  Students will occasionally be given the opportunity to revise and rewrite an essay.  It is mandatory that students schedule a student-teacher writing conference to discuss a rewrite.  The grade for the rewrite will be averaged with the original grade to produce a final score. Rewrites are not permitted for in-class essays.

    Reading Checks:

    Reading checks are meant to hold you accountable for completing assigned reading.  They will be given at the beginning of class periods periodically. Reading checks should enhance not hurt your grade. If you are reading but having difficulty comprehending the material, please see me as soon as possible for extra help.  Pace yourself and read!


    Contact Information & Extra Help

    Never hesitate to ask for assistance when needed.  Please see me to arrange a time that is convenient for both of us to meet (ie. lunch, free period, after school).  Allow for 24 hour notice.


    Email:  ssample-duffy@bhpsnj.org

    Voice Mail:  ext. 2403

    Students must share this syllabus with parents/guardians and have it signed.  Students will retain the syllabus for their records.


    Student Name (Print):  _______________________________


    Student Signature:  __________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature:  _____________________________________


    Course Syllabus – English II

    Mrs. Sample-Duffy


    908-464-3100 x 2403

    Course Description


    Concerning Literature – This course teaches the recognition and comprehension of universal themes found in assigned novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poetry.  This year has a core focus or sub-topic for each marking period.


    English 2 Core Focus:

    What are our societal constructs and expectations?  How do they shape, affect, and interact with humanity?


    Marking Period


    Main Text


    The shaping and early impact of American society AND

    subversive and societal forces and influences

    Early American Texts /

    Lizzie Borden:  A Private Disgrace


    Society’s impact on minority populations

    (race, gender, ability)

    Of Mice and Men


    Negative cultural influences and their impact on the human experience

    (ex. domestic violence, war, etc.)

    A Streetcar Named Desire


    The experience of those who do not fit society’s standards and expectations

    The Catcher in the Rye


    **Some of the novels address adult themes and use adult language.  Adult content will be handled carefully and appropriately, nevertheless, should this still present a problem for a student and/or parent, the student can be given an alternate assignment.  However, this concern must be voiced prior to the start of the text.


    Concerning Writing – This course teaches effective writing techniques through the use of MLA format and the evaluation and analysis of prose and poetry.  Students will explore various modes of writing in conjunction with the course readings and class discussion topics. These assignments will be graded using a writing rubric which will be provided in advance.


    Concerning Grammar, Vocabulary, and Test Preparation – During their time in this course, students will engage in grammar and vocabulary lessons aimed to enhance reading, writing, discussion, and analysis skills.  There will also be classroom activities and assignments designed to better prepare students for required standardized testing.


    Concerning Class Preparation, Participation, and Additional Assignments (creative, group, speaking/listening) – Preparation and participation (both daily and as it concerns completion of assignments) is an expectation for all students.  Students should be equipped with a pen/pencil, notebook, charged iPad, books, and any other necessary materials/assignments and should actively participate by remaining on task and providing quality contributions to class discussions and activities.


    Rules and Behavioral Expectations

    Rulesexpectations for student behavior

    • Remain seated unless given permission
    • Listen politely when teacher, visitor, or fellow classmate is speaking and follow directions
    • Exhibit respect towards fellow classmates, teacher, and class materials
    • Follow all class procedures
    • Be responsible for own education and act as a self-advocate!

    Consequences for breaking rules

    • 1st Offense – verbal warning
    • 2nd Offense –detention & parent phone-call
    • 3rd Offense – write-up

    Cheating and Plagiarism

    There is a zero-tolerance policy for cheating in this class.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying assignments from another student, the use of cheat sheets, and plagiarism (the act of copying information directly from another source and claiming it as your original work).  Any and all students involved in cheating activities will earn a grade of “0” on the assignment, a phone call home, and an academic write-up (as per the student handbook).


    Attendance & Make-Up Work

    Consistent attendance is imperative in order to achieve success in any class.  Unexcused absences from class will be dealt with in accordance with the policies outlined in the Student Handbook.  It is expected that students will be proactive in making up work due to an absence by making contact in a timely manner.  Expectations for completing missed assignments are outlined below and are to be adhered to unless otherwise specified by teacher.


    Homework/Classwork – if a student has an excused absence they will have one day to make up the missed work.  It must either be handed in the next day he/she is in school, or emailed to me at ssample-duffy@bhpsnj.org.

    Reading assignments cannot be completed late – students are expected to complete reading checks despite absences.


    Quiz/Test – if a student misses a quiz or a test due to an excused absence, he/she will be expected to make it up the day he/she returns to school.  Any test or quiz not made up within 3 days of returning to school will receive a “0”.


    Writing/Presentation – If a student has an excused absence on the day a paper/presentation is due, he/she must be prepared to turn in the paper or present on the day that he/she returns to school.


    Class Procedures


    • Start of Class


    • Quickly and quietly find seat and look to board for instructions
    • Copy down homework & Complete “Do Now”



    • Dismissal


    • At the end of class students are to remain seated until dismissed by the teacher.  
    • The classroom is to be left as it was found: desks in rows, no trash, and all materials put away properly.



    • Bathroom Access


    • If a student needs to visit the restroom, they are to ask permission at an appropriate moment during the class (i.e. not during a lesson, but rather when students are working independently).  
    • Any student who goes too frequently will not be permitted to leave class except in the event of an emergency.



    • Class Preparedness


    • Students must be prepared for class each day.  This includes bringing all necessary books, binder(s), pen/pencil, charged iPad/keyboard, and assignments.  
    • Students will not be permitted to visit their locker, print assignments, or charge electronic devices during class time.



    • Behavior in the Classroom and Hallways


    • I have zero-tolerance for profanity, name calling, threats, pushing/hitting/etc., disrespect, and cheating.  Violation of expected behaviors is cause for a phone call home and/or a disciplinary write-up.

    Use of Technology


    • Google / Google Classroom


    • Students are required to use and regularly check their Google account. Many assignments will be assigned and collected via Google Classroom and class resources will be made available there.
    • All assignments and due dates are posted on the calendar (shared via Google Classroom).  
    • All communication outside of the classroom must be conducted via Berkeley Heights/Google email.  If there is a question or concern, student must make first contact with the teacher.



    • Use of iPads


    • Students are required to have iPads and keyboards charged and ready to use for every class period.  Students will not be permitted to charge their iPad during class.
      • If a student does not have his/her  iPad or it is not charged he/she will be considered unprepared.
    • Students have signed an acceptable use of technology document and they will be held to that standard during class.  iPads are to be used for academic purposes during class.
      • Should a student be found in violation of the acceptable use policy, he/she will not be permitted to use the iPad.  



    • Cell Phones


    • Cell phones should not be seen or heard during class (and they may not be charged during class).  First offense will receive a warning, second offense will result in the cell phone being given to the main office to be picked up at the end of the day.


    Course Grading

    The course will be graded using Total Points, meaning a point value is given to each assignment.  At the end of each MP, the total number of points earned will be divided by the total number of points possible, giving a final percentage.

    The approximate point value for each type of assignment is as follows:

    • Homework = 5 points
    • Quiz = 20 points
    • Test = 100 points
    • Writing Assignment = 100 points
    • Project/Presentation = 200 points

    **Reading assignments will not be accepted late, all other late assignments will be penalized by 10% per day late.

    Final Notes

    There are some differences between freshman and sophomore year… for example, there are no “completion” assignments, and there are higher expectations in regards to your personal responsibility, behavior, and academic performance.  Rise to meet these expectations!


    I am really looking forward to our year together!  With hard work and cooperation we will learn and grow as students and people.  If you have questions or require clarification about my policies consult the Student Handbook, but please do not hesitate to speak with me if necessary.