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     Honors Chemistry - Blocks B, G and H

     In-class support - Blocks D and E

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    Grading Policy:

    Chemistry Honors

    Grading Policy:

     60 % test and quiz scores,
     20 % assigned projects and lab reports,
     15 % homework,
     5 % positive class participation, performance and written classwork.

    Blocks D and E please refer to Mrs. Lyness and Dr. Kurilla's grading policy.


    Google classroom codes for Chemistry Honors:

    Block B:  6ohip2b

    Block G:  7us6t4r

    Block H:  fxhbmzy

    Block D: 4olvjj(Dr. Spirovski), mrez4cq (Mrs. Lyness) and uelks3e (Dr. Kurilla)

    Block E:  aotxhrw (Dr. Spirovski), dmlgdtc (Mrs. Lyness) and  agtkv5b (Dr. Kurilla)


    Where to find up additional assignments and materials:

    Go to: classroom.google.com

    Sign into Google using your GL information:

    User: your GL email address (e.g., jdoe19@bhpsnj.org)

    Password: your six-digit student id with "BH" or "bh" at the end

    Click on "student" Enter your "class code":