• Highlander Drum Major


    AP® Music Theory (Block B- Full Year Course)

    Concert Band/Marching Band/Band Front/Wind Ensemble (Block G- Full Year Course)

    Band Pull-Out Lessons (All Other Blocks and During Lunch) 


    Contact Information:

    Department: Music

    Room(s): 24

    Phone Extension: 2412

    Email Address: nosullivan@bhpsnj.org


    Availability for Help:

    For AP Music Theory Students: By appointment during lunch or outside of school hours.

    For Band Students: As prescribed on the Lesson Pull-Out Schedule (Make-Ups) on Google Classroom or by appointment.


    Class Expectations:

    1) Be on time

    2) Get instruments and music/folders out immediately at the beginning of class

    3) Keep music and materials in assigned folders

    4) Warm‐up on their instruments before the group warm‐ups (IF SAFE)

    5) Have a pencil ready (NOT PEN) for marking parts

    6) Practice instrumental technique and parts on own time

    7) Do written and/or performance assignments in a timely manner

    8) Check and use Google Classroom regularly for announcements and assignments

    9) Attend any performance related to this class

    10) Respect the Band Room and aid in its cleanliness

    11) To not use their iPad or technology during rehearsals unless told to do so by the teacher

    12) Most importantly, respect everyone at all times



    Concert/Marching Band:

    1) Class Participation/Preparedness (60% of Total Grade): Weekly grade for Block G.

    2) Pull-Out Lesson Attendance and Participation (20% of Total Grade): This weekly grade counts for each week when a Pull-Out Lesson is scheduled. For further details on Pull-Out Lessons, see the next section below.

    3) Lesson Assignments (20% of Total Grade): As an extension of lessons, each instrumentalist will be assigned playing assignments that will be graded. Typically, there are no more than four assignments assigned each marking period. A standard rubric is used for grading. Late lesson work will NOT be accepted two weeks past the due date.

    4) Performances: Failure to make a required performance will result in an automatic failure (50% deduction) of the marking period grade in which the performance falls.

    AP® Music Theory:

    1)   Class Participation (25%)

    2)   Course Assignments (25%)

    3)   Homework Assignments (25%)

    4)   Tests (25%)


    Homework Assignments:

    All homework assignments and details can be found in Google Classroom. All other course materials and pertinent information can be found in Google Classroom.

    For the Highlander Marching Band Website, please see the link below: