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    Department:   Mathematics
    Room: 12
    Email Address: jmiceli@bhpsnj.org

    This will be a great year for overcoming adversity, personal growth and long-term understanding!
    We will  be implementing the Building Thinking Classrooms framework to encourage students to be thinking and communicating effectively and transferring their skills to mastery in each core topic.
    Current Classes:  
    Block A Calculus - Room 12
    Block B Geometry - Room 12
    Block E Geometry Honors - Room 12
    Block F Calculus - Room 12
    Block H Geometry - Room 12               
    Extra HelpStudents should reach out to the available National Honor Society members before school or during lunch in the IMC.  Meetings and help sessions with Mr. Miceli can be scheduled by e-mail or discussed in person at the end of a class period.  Mr. Miceli is usually available during lunch and before school.
    Problems designed to Check Your Understanding are assigned daily, while these do not count for a grade, they are essential to master the content.  Please check Google Classroom for up-to-date assignments and class news.  Class codes are as follows:
    Block A Calculus - nvruznj
    Block B Geometry - ehqobji
    Block E Geometry Honors - kl7lm6g
    Block F Calculus - b3vuyll
    Block H Geometry - co3kf3n               
    Students will be graded on mastery of each of the major topics in the course, assessed as subtopics outlined in the syllabus.  Each topic score will be entered in the powerschool gradebook (and can change throughout the quarter).  The average of these scores is the Quarter Average (rounded up to the nearest 0.5%).   The final average is 90% average of the first four quarters + 10% of the Final exam grade.  This final course grade is not rounded.