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    Kathy McCullough     Foundations Students' Designs 2012  Kyle Plenaire
    Department: Art                             " Teaching Art is the art of teaching discovery"      Mark VanDoren
    Room: 124
    Phone Extension: 2362
    Email Address: kmccullough@bhpsnj
     Welcome to my classes; Ceramics, Crafts, Project Connect Art, & Foundations Studio Art!
    Foundations Art Studio elective is the prerequisite course for the Governor Livingston High School Art Department, earning a 2.50 course credit. As a Freshman, This year Foundations classes can look forward to working in a wide range of mediums. No matter what art skills you've always wanted to master, you will definitely have the opportunity to flex your creative muscle in this elective class.
    You may have been recommended for Project Connect Art, a teacher-team guided curriculum of student driven collaborative projects and experiences, with art experiences designed to make connections to core courses.
    The Crafts Design course moves the student artist into the world of three dimensional design in a series of exploration projects using clay, wood, fabric, and found materials. Projects based on art history and world cultures may include painting on canvas, silk fabric, exploration of drawing mediums and iPad apps. In Ceramics, try your hand at the potter's wheel. This year students are invited to participate in our Fifth Annual Empty Bowls at GLHS, a nation wide effort to feed the hungry. Our class fundraiser will feature student handmade pottery bowls and raise awareness of food insecurity. This will be an exciting year!
    Looking forward to September!