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    Chemistry A-

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    Chemistry E- rolyez4

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     Chemistry Block A- Please see Dr. Kurilla's webpage. I co-teach the class with Dr. Kurilla this year.

    Chemistry Blocks B, E, and F 2019-2029

    Rooms 204

    This year in Chemistry, we will be developing an understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and demonstrating how chemistry is present in our lives. Along the way, we will also be encouraging the development of scientific thinking and using the scientific method for problem-solving. The textbook is Chemistry in the Community. Your student has a copy of the course outline on Google Classroom.  See the course outline for specifics on topics during the year. The final exam is cumulative and comprehensive. In order for your student to perform well on the exam, they will need to maintain all of their materials and notes in an organized fashion. The following materials will help them to do so:

    The following materials are required  for Chemistry Class:

    • Three-ring  notebook with dividers
    • Lined paper
    • Pencils- required for all calculations!
    • Marble Composition Notebook, for use every day and for use during labs.
    • Scientific Calculator- TI-30x or better (These calculators can be found for $9-15 at local retailers) All instruction for calculations will pertain to TI scientific calculators.

    ***Please have your student equipped with these items for the first day of class for the week of September 23rd.    ( All bullets must be completed for  grade 10 pt homework)

    *If you have any problems obtaining anything on this list, please contact me at llyness@bhpsnj.org.

    Students have access to class information through Google Classroom

    • Assignments will be posted. Tests will be announced in advance.

    Course Outline For Chemistry 2019-2020

    Safety iv-v

    Graphing Append. C p. A-9 - 12

    Scientific Notation Append. B p. A-3&4

    SI Units p.310

    Metric Conversions & Dimensional Analysis Append. B p. A-5 -6

    Significant Figures & Uncertainty Append. B p. A-6 - 8

    Density p.28

    Physical & Chemical Properties p. 26-27

    Physical & Chemical Change p.110-112

    Elements & Compounds p.31-34

    Mixtures & Pure Substances p. 28-30

    Separation Techniques p. 10-14

    Single Atom  & Diatomic Elements p. 34-36 & p. 114

    Allotropes p. 184-186

    History & the Periodic Table p. 115-119

    Structure of the Atom & Electron Configuration p. 37-38

    Isotopes & Radioactivity p. 120-121 & p. 485

    Families & Periodic Trends p. 122-127

    Metals vs. Nonmetals p. 134-140 & 172-178

    Ions & Ionic Bonds p. 38-41 & p. 65-67

    Oxidation & Reduction p. 140-149

    Electroplating p. 195-197

    Metallic Bonds & Alloys p. 191-195

    Covalent Bonds p. 222-224

    Naming Ionic Compounds p. 41

    Naming Covalent Compounds p. 71

    Balancing Chemical Equations p. 153-159

    Writing Chemical Equations p. 159-161

    Aqueous Solutions p. 15-22 & p. 26-27

    Water Testing p. 42-47

    Concentration p. 63-64

    Solubility & Solubility Curves p. 53-62

    pH Scale p. 68-79

    Water Purification & Treatment p. 85-141

    Mole & Mole Mass p. 161 -164 & Append. D p. A-12&13

    Molar Equation Relationships p. 164-166/169-172 & Append. D p. A-15 & 16

    Percent Composition p. 166-168 & Append. D p. A-13 -15

    EM Spectrum & Atomic Orbitals p. 337-342

    VSEPR Shapes & Polar Molecules p. 220-224

    Gas Laws p. 302-332

    Carbon Cycle & the Greenhouse Effect p. 342- 344 & p. 348-359

    Ozone Story p. 383-403

    Liquid & Solid Intermolecular Forces p. 212-220

    Acids, Bases, & pH p. 343-374

    Reaction Rates p.433-434

    Equilibrium & Buffers p. 374-376 & p. 434-439

    Thermal Equations & Activation Energy p. 238-245

    Specific Heat & Heating Curves p. 344-348

    Heat of Reaction p. 248-253

    Simple Hydrocarbons & Isomers p. 224-233

    Altering Fuels p. 253-257

    Fuel Alternatives p. 282-293

    Absence Policy

    • Absent students have the number of days they were absent plus one to make up the homework.
    • A student absent one day has two days to complete the work regardless if their class meets that day that they return to school.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to see me at an appropriate time to find out what material he/she missed.
    • If a test is missed because of an excused absence, the student must meet with me and arrange a time to make up the test after or during school.
    • Missed papers will be in the class folder on the bulletin board.
    • Students will not be able to make up any work if they have an unexcused absence.  Students will earn a “0” for those assignments.

    Tardiness Policy

    • Students are expected to be in their seats before the bell. Tardiness will be handled in accordance with the school tardiness policy as explained in the Student Handbook.

    Academic Integrity

    • See the Student Handbook for the policy on Academic Integrity.


    Electronic Device Policy:

    • Charged iPads are needed in class every day.
    • Headphones are required every day.
    • IPads/phones will remain closed and away.
    • IPads may be used only when specific instructions are given for usage.
    • When iPads are used in class, all other applications must be closed.
    • No game playing will ever be permitted in the classroom.


    • Warning- Students have been warned. (See PowerPoint on google classroom)
    • Inappropriate use may result immediately in the following:
    • Confiscation of device.
    • Conference with Student
    • Referral to Administration
    • Detention and Parent Contact
    • *Electronic devices may be sent to vice principal’s office for the remainder of the day.

    Class Rules:

    Classroom rules are posted on the wall:

    • Bring all necessary materials to class.
    • Arrive on time.
    • No food or drink allowed in labs. Water permitted.
    • Always act and speak in an appropriate way.
    • Do your own work.
    • Obey all safety rules during class and labs.
    • Obey all School rules
    • No electronic devices permitted unless specifically stated by the teacher.


    • Homework will be collected or viewed on its due date.
    • No homework on due date will incur a “0” grade.
    • Homework handed in late will receive less than full credit.


    Grades are determined by the number of points earned divided by the total possible points possible in the marking period.

    • Tests   100 points
    • Classwork       5- 10 points
    • Homework       2-10 points
    • Quizzes                   10- 25 points
    • Labs                          10-25 points
    • Formal Labs                   50 points
    • Journal Check                25 points

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.