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     "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn to do it." Picasso

    Department:   Art                                                                        
    Room(s): 23, 109, 201
    Phone Extension: 2338
    Email Address: mhodge@bhpsnj.org
    Fall Semester 2017:

    Block A: Foundations of Studio Art, Room 23, Google Classroom: oyhji2

    Block C: Photo 2, Room 201, Google Classroom: 5vimcy

    Block D: Photo 1, Room 201, Google Classroom: 2ycl60g

    Block F, Photo 1, Room 201, Google Classroom: 9wtnq3

    Block G: Photo 1, room 201, Google Classroom: 40znct

    Please visit our classroom for syllabus, classroom expectations, grading policy, homework, videos to review and any important information.


    Club Advisor:

    Photo Club 

    Auxiliary Club co-advisor 


    Extra help available at lunch or after school. Not available on Thursdays. Please contact mhodge@bhpsnj.org