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    Sports Medicine I
    Block E


     Quizzes:  You will have about 7-8 quizzes in class.  They are designed to highlight the key points of the past week.  They are not difficult.  Each quiz will be worth 10 points.    They are a great chance for you to boost your overall class grade.

    Exams:  There will be about five exams throughout the semester.  These exams will be worth 50 points.  If you pay attention in class, and make a solid effort you will have no problem with the exams.  After each exam you will have the opportunity to earn back half of the amount of points you missed.

    Homework:  Most of the homework you will have in this class will be reading assignments.  It is important that you read the material.  It will help you learn the concepts we discuss in class.  There will be some assignments that you will get that will be turned in.  They are due at the beginning of class. Each assignment is worth 10 or 20 points, and is assigned to help you understand and think about the material discussed in class.  Homework turned in 1 day late loses 4(8) points.  It is not accepted after 1 day.

    In Class Participation:  Each quarter you have 50 points for participation.  This grade is based on your contributions to class, in class behavior, and preparedness. 

    Final Exam:  This class will have a cumulative final exam.

    Extra Credit:  There will be opportunities during the semester to earn extra credit. 

    Extra Help:  Any student wishing to receive extra help may schedule an appointment to do so.

    All homework assignments will be posted in the Google Classroom