• Welcome to Mrs. Heuss's Homepage!

    Room(s): 122, 123
    Phone Extension: please e mail with a phone number, I will call you back.
    Email Address: pheuss@bhpsnj.org

    Schedule:   2017-2018 

     Classes that I teach:
     Everyday Gourmet
     Project Connect
     Gourmet Cuisine
     Gourmet Cuisine
     International Cuisine
    Grading Policy:
    Total points averaged.  Points are from tests (100 pts), quizes (50 pts.) lab grades (5 points daily) and worksheets (various points).
    Extra credit is available for the cooking classes up to 30 points per marking period.  This is awarded at 5 points per recipe the student prepares at home and brings in verification of completion. A final project is given instead of a written exam.
    Available for Extra Help:
    Student can always come in during lunch to room 122 for help or to ask questions.  I do not have a lunch duty.