• Mr. Gregory Dunkerton
       GL Logo
    Department: Science 
    Room: 009 Email Address: gdunkerton@bhpsnj.org
    Courses: Forensic Science, Marine Science, Biology and Project Connect Biology and Anatomy & Physiology
    Extra Curricular Activities:
    Assistant Track Coach
    Grade Level Assistant (Discipline and Attendance) 
    GL Restraint Team 
    ABD - Project Connect Biology
    E - Anatomy & Physiology
    F - Forensic Science
    Office Hours/ Extra Help:
    By Appointment. 
    Students with questions can email me directly at gdunkerton@bhpsnj.org
    Course Information
    Information is shared in Google Classroom
    To access your "classroom" go to classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your GL information
    User: your GL email address (e.g., jdoe17@bhpsnj.org)
    Password: your six-digit student id followed by "BH" or "bh"
    Click on "student"
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      • Google Classroom Codes By Class:
      • PC Bio A= i2zbsze
      • PC Bio B = cenrqn
      • PC Bio D = 4voj5h
      • Anatomy & Physiology E =  jlly5u
      • Forensic Science F = wihrfxq
    Biology Late Policy - 25% will be taken off for each late item handed in: 1st offense- -25%, 2nd offense--50%, 3rd offense --75% 4th offense- no credit given
    Late policy also extends to the marking period.  1st MP (25%-50%-75%-no credit) 2nd MP (50%-75%-no credit) 3rd MP (75%-no credit) 4th MP (no credit) 
    Grading is based on point system. 
    Cheating will result in a zero in the grade book with a discipline referral to the administration as per directed procedure.