• Mrs. Dhaibar
    Honors Biology
    Marine Science
    Environmental Science
    Department: Science
    Room: 209
    Email Address: ldhaibar@bhpsnj.org
    Phone Extension: (908) 464-3100 x 2393
    Courses: Honors Biology, Marine Science, Environmental Science
    Extra Curricular Activities: Cross Country, Winter & Spring Track Assistant Coach
    Extra Help:
    Extra help is offered by the National Honors Society.  Help is available before school and during lunch.  It is recommended that students take advantage of this free service if they are in need of extra help.  Contact the advisor Mr. McGovern at dmcgovern@bhpsnj.org for information.

    Course Information: 
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    • Use iTunesU to get all of the materials for this task.  
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    Google Classroom:
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    • Block B Environmental Science:  lxfcl9i
    • Block C Environmental Science:  zj0sty
    • Block D Honors Biology:  mdqjtyu
    • Block G Marine Science:  lc1t7c2
    • Block H Environmental Science: m8p6a7p
     Homework Information for Honors Biology:
    Please note, all homework for Honors Biology is written on the board daily.  There is also a timeline posted in our classroom on the bulletin board and on iTunesU that indicates dates for homework assignments and upcoming assessments. (The timeline is subject to change; students will be notified of any changes in class.) 
    Homework Information for Environmental Science & Marine Science:
    Homework for these courses is based on if students finished their classwork during the class period.  If work is due, students may need to take work home to complete it by the deadline.
    Course Syllabus/Expectations/Grading Policy: