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                     Engl 4 - blocks c,e,h
                     A.P. english 4 lit. blocks d and f
    Contact Information: jcrane@bhpsnj.org
    click here for A.P. course syllabus-A.P. English 4
    Availability for Help: by appointment
    Class Expectations: as explained in class contracts read, signed, and returned the first week of school. copies of contracts can be sent home as per request.
    Grading Policy: included in class contracts.
                                for all senior classes:
                                1st,2nd, and 4th quarters: tests= 40% , h.w.= 40%, quizzes = 10%, participation= 10%
                                3rd quarter: senior project= 25%, tests= 25%, h.w.= 40%, quizzes= 5%, participation= 5% 
    Where to find up to date HW assignments: homework will always be posted in the actual classroom on the board and discussed with students before leaving class. All assignments, announcements, study guides, and updates will also be posted in google classroom as well.