• HugoDragon
    Welcome to 5th Grade in Room 18!
    Hello, my name is Ms. Theresa Chrobok and I teach 5th grade science and Language Arts . This year I will be teaching science to all the fifth grade students. I am very excited to teach our amazing science program from Science Companion. What makes this program so incredible is that it believes science is about "doing" and "discovering". We are all scientists learning new and exciting things in the science world, so we do experiments and hands-on activities every week. We use a reference book for each of the three units to reinforce the concepts and big ideas, much like an encyclopedia or non-fiction book. 
    We will be doing several science experiments that help you learn and discover energy, the earth's changing surface, and how nature recycles everything that was once alive! 
    I also teach my homeroom Language Arts which includes reading, writing, grammar skills, and spelling. We have a new reading program this year that is very exciting and fun. We will read realistic fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, historical fiction, and many more genres. I will also be reading to all of you aloud and share some of my favorite books!  I look forward to working with all of you this year. It's going to be a fun and exciting year!