Mrs. Weber
                    (908) 464-1600 ext. 1673
     Welcome Back to School! Have a terrific year!!
    Teaching schedule for 2018-2018
    Block A - Reading Grade 6 with Mrs. Schmidt
    Block B - Reading Support Grade 7 & 8
    Block C - Reading Grade 6 with Mrs. Schmidt
    Lunch / EP
    Block D - Reading Grade 6
    Block E - Prep Period
    Block F - Prep Period
    Block G- Social Studies Grade 6 with Mrs. Bokach
    Black H- Reading grade 6
    Please refer to the general ed supply lists for reading and social studies in grade 6.
    (Additional supplies will not be needed for Support in Gr. 6 or Reading Support in Gr. 7/8.)
    Google Classroom
    Please note:  You will continue to find assignments, homework, resources, links, 
    and important class announcements on my Google Classroom pages during the 2018-19 school year!
    Go to: classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your CMS information.
    •  User: Your CMS email address
    •  Password: Your six digit student id with "Bh" at the end
     Click on "student". Enter your "class code".
    We joined the Google Classrooms together as a class in September 2018.