• Science 6 - Mr. Karl
    Room A15
    Email Address: jkarl@bhpsnj.org
    Parents: How To Access Assignment Information
    Access your child's assignments by signing up for guardian email summaries through Google Classroom.
    Students: How To Access Assignment Information
    Information is shared with each student in Google Classroom
    To access your "classroom" go to classroom.google.com
    Sign into Google using your information
    User: your email address (e.g., jdoe26@bhpsnj.org)
    Password: your six-digit student id followed by "Bh"
    Click on "student"
    Enter your "class code"

    Block A-  lgdjjo6
    Block C-  i3yh4xx
    Block E -  fzvpdr7
    Block F -  jfvpyrg
    Block G - 2czrqzy