• Welcome To Mrs. Chory’s Math Class 
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    Contact Information:

     Carol Chory, M.Ed. 

    7th Grade Mathematics 

    Columbia Middle School  

    E-mail (preferred): cchory@bhpsnj.org

    Phone: 908-464-1600 x1609; Room C-11


    Class Info, Requirements, Rules, & Grading 

    I am excited to have the opportunity to teach mathematics to you. As your teacher, I will do my best to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning. I will teach you the required content and go out of my way to help you learn. As a student in my class, you will be required to:

    - attend class regularly and on time

    - take notes in class, keeping a neat and organized notebook

    - show all work when completing class work and homework

    - study for tests and quizzes

    - try as hard as you can to learn and master the required content

    - be cooperative and not disruptive

    - respect your teacher and classmates

    -follow the rules

    Class Preparation and Supplies:

    -Bring your IPads to school every day.  Make sure it is charged.

    -Your mathematics textbook should be covered (If you receive a textbook)

    -You should have a notebook with white-lined paper and a folder or 3-ring binder for handouts.

    -Work can ONLY be done in PENCIL - come to class with at least 2 sharpened pencils with erasers.

    -A RED PEN is required for checking homework, quizzes and tests.

    -When calculators are needed, the TI-30XIIS (scientific) will be used. 

       Class Notes/Homework:

    When I begin a new lesson, I will give you notes (many times in the form of example problems). I expect you to copy all of these examples neatly into your notebook. I may then come around after a lesson and check your notes. I may also collect and grade as a quiz grade all or part of your notebook, announced or unannounced, at any time. Be prepared with a neat, orderly notebook at all times.

    -Each day’s notes should be on a new page in your notebook with the date and the title of the lesson written at the top of the page.

    -All class work and homework should then follow in sequence in your notebook.

    -Homework will be posted in Google Classroom.

    -Homework should start on a new page with the page # and problem numbers assigned written in the upper left hand margin and the Date written in the upper right hand margin. If the assignment is from a worksheet, then write the name and/or number of the worksheet in the left hand corner.

    - write the problem from the book or worksheet and SHOW all work to arrive at your answer. 

    -Skip a line before you do the next problem.

    -Homework problems are done Vertically, not horizontally.  You may make 2 columns to save space.

     Quizzes and Tests:

     In-class quizzes are usually announced, but short quizzes or homework quizzes can be unannounced.

    -Quizzes will have varying point values from as little as 10 and up to 70 points.  Quizzes count one time.

    -Tests will always be announced at least 3-4 days in advance, and will count twice.  Point values can range from 85-100 points.

     Computing Your Marking Period Grade:

     Your grade in this course will be determined using a total points system.  It will be based on the following criteria: homework, tests, quizzes and effort or participation. At the end of the marking period I will total up all of the points you have earned and divide that number by the total possible points. Then I convert that number to a percentage to get your marking period average.

     Regarding Absences:

     Being absent from (or late to) math class can jeopardize your ability to learn the material, as math is cumulative and builds on prior knowledge.

    -When you are absent, check Google Classroom or call a classmate to see what you missed. Also check Classroom to see if the notes from that day are posted there.

    -You need to get the missing notes immediately upon your return.

    -Come to my classroom the first day back. Check the 'Missed Homework' folder for any handouts first. Then come see me.

    -Make sure to bring the last homework assignment that you completed so we can go over it.

    -You must make up all your missed assignments.  Doing this as quickly as possible will allow you to fully understand the next lesson.

    -If you do fall behind, it is essential for you to make an appointment to come in for extra help after school.

    -Responsibility for all make-up work following an absence is yours and you must show it to me when completed. As you can see, it is wise to AVOID MISSING MATH CLASS.

     -If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, be prepared to take it during EP or lunch or after school on the day that you return.

    - If you are only absent the day before a quiz or test, you might still be required to take it as scheduled since you will not be missing any new material. We will mutually decide this when you come to see me in EP.

    -If you are absent for a more extended period of time, we will re-schedule the test. Failure to make up tests and quizzes by deadlines that I prescribe will result in grades of zero.

     Class Rules and Regulations:

    Please know and follow all rules and regulations respectfully.  Breaking the rules disrupts class and makes it difficult to have a classroom conducive to learning.

    ·         Bathroom breaks are only allowed within the first 5 minutes of class. You must ask permission and then sign out with your full name, destination and time left and returned. Only one student may leave the classroom at a time. 

    ·         All cell phones must be turned off.

    ·         Do not do homework for another course in class.

    ·         Respect all school property and do not write on the desks or in the textbooks.

    ·         Do not write notes to your friends or classmates during class.

    ·         Do not text during class, which isn’t possible anyway since your phone is turned off.

    ·         Please stay in your seat and raise your hand for permission to get up.

    ·         Please be on time and prepared with your homework on your desk when the bell rings. You will not be permitted to go to your locker once the bell rings—you need to be responsible and prepared for class by making sure you have your materials (notebook, pencils, etc.) with you and that you are ready when class starts.

    ·         Understand that the bell doesn’t dismiss you—the teacher does.  Please do not get out of your seat unless I dismiss class.

    ·         Always respect your classmates and of course your teacher.

    ·         Improper language or hand gestures will not be tolerated in the classroom at any time.

    ·         No talking while the teacher or another classmate is speaking.

    ·         Keep a positive attitude towards the teacher, your classmates, and your environment.

    ·         Remember to raise your hand if you have a comment or question. There is no calling out. You are always welcome to ask educational questions.  One of your classmates may have the same question as you so do not be afraid to speak up. Please also respect the questions or comments of your classmates.

    ·         Make every attempt not to miss Math class. 

    ·         You must have a passes from another teacher, or the office, if you are late to class.

    ·         All other rules that are listed in the CMS handbook also apply

     Extra Help

     I am always available during EP.  Please see me to set up an appointment if you need extra help after school.