• New Work Permit Procedures (Working Papers)

    As students approach the age of employment it is important for all students from the ages of 14 up to 18
    years to know that there are procedures for obtaining NJ working permits. It is a paper application that contains all the student’s and employer’s information along with proper signatures.  Please read the directions below carefully so all permits can be issued in a timely fashion.


    A New Jersey work permit is required if a minor plans on working for an employer in the state of New Jersey.
    Work permits will be ready for pickup 48 hours after the completed application is dropped off to Ms. Milos, so students need to plan accordingly.

    Teens cannot apply for a Work Permit until they have gotten a job offer.
    In New Jersey, any teen (14 up to 18 years of age), is required to have a Work Permit before they begin work. This is because the application for a Work Permit requires details from the employer, including the proposed occupation and work description. When the permit is issued it will allow the minor to perform certain and specific duties for a particular employer. If the minor changes jobs, a new work permit must be obtained. The work permit does not expire; however, it is not transferable to another employer or another job with the same employer. The validated work permit, with the Issuing Officer’s signature must be in the employer’s possession before the minor is permitted to work.

    Directions for completing the APPLICATION FOR WORKING PAPERS FOR A MINOR.

    Students can stop by the Main Office to pick up a paper copy of these directions and
    an attached Application for Working Papers form.  The Superintendent’s Office also has the application on file.

    Step by Step Process for Completing the Form

    Section A The minor completes the top section with their personal information. All spaces are to be filled in, especially the Social Security number.

    Section B The minor’s employer completes and signs the "Employment Information" section. Employer must put the hours working and how much they are paying.

    The minor’s parent or guardian signs and dates the application at the bottom of Section B after   they review it.

    Section C This section is filled out by a PHYSICIAN.

    Section D When the applicant returns the form to the Main Office, they MUST bring along something showing DATE OF BIRTH (birth certificate, passport). Any other document must be in existence OVER one year (Driver’s License).
    • Section E- ignore
    • Section F & Section G These sections are completed by a person in the Main Office. Then the Principal signs the paper.  
    This CANNOT be signed until all other sections are completed.
     The minor must sign on the “Signature of Minor” line at the bottom of the form under section G.

    • If you are a GLHS student please bring the completed APPLICATION FOR WORKING PAPERS and Department of Labor approved document showing DATE OF BIRTH (birth certificate, passport). Any other document must be in existence OVER one year (Driver’s License); to the Main Office for processing.
    • Once the minor’s identification is verified he/she will leave the application with Ms. Milos to be completed and picked up return within 48 hours. The actual Working Paper that the minor receives will then be given to the employer so that minor can begin their employment.