• Welcome to the
    Mountain Park School
     Health Office   
    Cathy Lake RN, BSN, NJ-CSN
    908-464-1713 ext 4530  
    Staying Safe  
          Welcome to the Mountain Park Health Office Website.  Information is provided here for your reference, so we may work in a cooperative effort regarding your child's health.  Please contact the school nurse with information, questions or concerns.  If the nurse is unavailable, kindly leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible.  Please leave do not leave an important message that needs to be addressed immediately.  If there is an emergent situation, please contact the main office.
         Chronic health conditions, such as asthma or severe allergies, needs to be communicated to the school nurse.  Open communication helps to ensure that health issues are addressed appropriately and timely.  Health and Medication forms can be found on this website. If there are any changes in your child's health, including new allergies, medication, hospitalization, fractures, corrective lenses or any other pertinent information, please inform the school nurse.  Important accommodations may need planning to ensure the safety and comfort of your child. By working together, I know we can make this a safe, healthy and fun school year for your child.