Advisor:  Mrs. Goldstein 
     students on bus
    All year long, photos are taken at school and PTO events. Weekly meetings are held to discuss procedures, expectations, sales, layout & theme, editing, counting, labeling, and distribution of yearbooks.  Clip art. fonts, Last Will & Testament, and student ads to advertise yearbooks to promote sales in the building are also created.  The yearbook is enjoyed by all as a lasting memory. 
    All 5TH GRADERS are welcome.  
    No camera or experience necessary!
    Flyers will be sent home to order a yearbook!
    Attention All Fifth Graders! 
    There is a CONTEST!!! 
    The Yearbook Club is looking for a fifth grader to make an illustration of Woodruff School for the yearbook. You do not need to be in the Yearbook Club to enter the contest. You do need to be in fifth grade. Draw something that you think about when you think of Woodruff School.  It must be 4" X 6" and done in crayons or colored pencils.
    Mrs. Goldstein has lots of entry forms!
    Drawings are due by November 7th.  See Mrs. Goldstein with your completed paper. 
    One entry per student, please.
    Recess:  Eat then Meet in Room 105. 
    Mrs. Goldstein: Day C 
    Club Meeting Dates:
    Oct. 15, 23, 31
    Nov. 12, 20
    Dec. 2, 10, 18
    Jan. 7, 15, 24
    Feb. 3, 11, 20, 28
    Mar. 9, 17, 25
    Deadline:  Yearbook due to publisher prior to Spring break. 
    *June as needed for yearbook labeling and classroom distribution. 
    (908) 464-1723, Ext. 5314