• Auditory Screening

     The purpose of the school auditory screening program is to identify students with any hearing loss that may impact their intellectual, emotional, social, speech, or language development. All tenth grade students will be screened during their Health Education class.


    Scoliosis Screening

     According to new state guidelines, every student between the ages of 10-18 must be screened for scoliosis every other year. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, most commonly detected during adolescent growth period. At the high school all ninth and eleventh grade students are screened for scoliosis during their Health/Physical Education class. The exact date is determined and announced to the students a few days before screenings. Any student may be excused from the scoliosis screening upon written request of the parent/guardian. Submit the form to the Health Office.


    A referral will be sent by mail for those students who need to be further evaluated by their private physician. Please be sure to return the referral form as soon as the physician has completed it.


    Vision Screenings

     In order to detect visual impairment, the vision screening process is essential for all children enrolled in the school. All students in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades will have their vision screened during their health education time block. If students have difficulty passing these screening tests a notice will be sent home for the parent/guardian to follow up with their own physician. Please be sure to return the referral form once it has been completed.


    We will be happy to screen the vision and hearing of any student regardless of grade level. A parent/guardian may request to have their child tested by contacting the Health Office either by telephone or by letter.



    According to new regulations from the New Jersey Department of education, the Berkeley Heights Public Schools are no longer requiring a physical but it is extremely important and we strongly urge you to obtain a medical examination at least one time during the adolescence stage (grades seven through twelve). This will be important if working papers need to be completed. We at the health office will not be able to sign working papers without a copy of the physical exam conducted by your own physician in our files.

    Any parent/guardian who is unable to obtain a physical for their child by their private physician should contact the Health Office for assistance.