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    To prepare for college, students should take a challenging college preparatory program. College requirements vary; therefore, students should prepare for admission to a wide range of colleges. Students should consult individual colleges for specific requirements. Important criteria for college admission include a strong record of academic achievement in college preparatory courses, standardized test scores, activities, and recommendations. Career development activities are offered for each grade, including career interest inventories, college and technical school speakers, and field trips. Career interest inventory results are used to help students choose courses and select colleges.
    The GL Counselors are committed to helping students during the college planning process. We offer a number of programs for parents along with college counseling services.
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    **Starting on December 1st, the School Couselors will be meeting with the eleventh grade students for a one-on-one conference to start to plan for their transition out of high school.  Each conference will be scheduled for one class period during the school day and we encourage parents to virtually join their child at this meeting, however, an appointment must be made.  If you would like to attend your junior’s conference virtually, please email your students' counselor to plan this.**