•  Day-to-Day Remote Teaching Tools

    Example of Grades 6-12 Hybrid Teaching - Lead By James Finley 




    Example of Elementary Hybrid Teaching - Lead By Lindsay Liguori



    Think Central Troubleshooting - By Kate Corcoran 


    Call a Parent without revealing your personal phone number



    A quicker but not perfectly protected method is to use *67 the then phone number that you want to call e.g. *67908-555-5555


    Take Attendance



    General Ideas

    -Push Prodigy lessons
    -Push Khan Academy lessons
    -Push ThinkCentral math lessons
    -Create ScreenCast-o-Matic instructional lessons for any subject
    Social Studies
    -Quizlet cards/online practice
    -Textbook online or read to students and push out via Google Classroom
    -Send home a project/packet/workbook
    -Assign instructional videos for spelling words
    -Write and submit a story using your spelling words to Google Classroom which will be graded
    -Assign instructional videos
    -Create a playlist of activities for students to complete activities related to our energy unit
    -Students create a slideshow including photos from around their homes of evidence of energy which we have already learned about
    -Assign writing instruction videos and students use workbook at home in addition to writing a Fantasy piece using what they learned in the instructional videos
    -Journal of their days including photos
    -Readworks.org assignments with can be assigned through the site. (Announcements and assignments can be put on Google Classroom and links to Readworks.org put there.)
     (Teachers can grade Readworks.org assignments and provide feedback.)
    -Push out read aloud of Lion Witch and Wardrobe
    Differentiation for our Special Education Population
    Students will have access to their iReady accounts for Reading and Math
    Students who have Learning Ally (Books on Tape) accounts will have access to that at home so they can continue reading with assistance.