• The Berkeley Heights Public Schools are committed to supporting the health and wellness of our students, staff, and parents. The following list of resources have been compiled to support our school community.


    Any imminent danger to a student or school should be immediately reported to:

    Berkeley Heights Police Department at 908-464-1111

    Mountainside Police Department at 908-232-2400

    Call 911






    To anonymously report an incident of harassment, intimidation, or bullying, use this link.


    Susan Tennant, MKM, Psych

    Heather Goldstein, MKM & MP, Counselor

    Elizabeth Doerbecker, WW & MP, Psych

    Aida Swon, WW, Counselor

    Elizabeth Bartlett, TPH, Counselor

    Heather McGarry, TPH, Psych

    Peter Sempepos, CMS, Psych

    Alexia Konko, CMS, Psych

    Gale, Noelle, Gina, CMS, Counselors

    Tobey Marcus, Social Worker

    Steve Seibelts, Social worker

    Jim Weaver, Psych

    Melissa Mohr, Psych