• Why this Mathematics Summer recommendation/assignment?


    • To provide students with a more engaging set of practice exercises.
    • To provide students tutorials to review concepts.
    • To provide instant feedback to students so that they can correct and recognize mistakes.
    • To allow students to hit the ground running in September.


    What is Mathspace?


    • Mathspace is an adaptive mathematics program that our district selected to use with mathematics in grades 6-8, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.
    • It provides resources aligned to the common core standards.
    • For a quick video explanation


    Do I have to do this?

    • It has been shown that students who do not engage in educational activities over the summer will experience learning losses. Research shows that student typically scores lower on standardized tests in September than they do at the end of the school year. (White, 1906; Heyns, 1978; Entwisle & Alexander 1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al, 2004)
    • The topics and material in the assignment are a review of what you have learned in previous classes. This material will form the foundation of information you will need as you move ahead in mathematics.
    • When you return in September, your assignments will build upon the prior knowledge.

    Will this assignment be graded?

    ●    No, in September, students will have the opportunity to work with the teacher on these skills. Students will be assessed on these foundational skills after September 18, 2017.  


    Do I need a Mathspace Account?

        Yes. Students should have an account from their current class or a teacher should have helped them to set up an account during the last month of school. Please contact dziobro@bhpsnj.org (908)-508-1923 x1710 for help with account issues.

    How much time should I spend on this?

        It is recommended that students spend 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week.


    What should I do first?

        Complete the teacher recommendations.




    I have completed the recommendations, what should I do? How do I know what topics to work on?

       Review the topics for the previous year by going to the Topics Page. You will need to make sure that you set the curriculum properly. See “How do I set the curriculum?” below. You can use the Fast track bar under each topic to give you a review question on each subtopic for the selected topic.

       Preview the topics for the next year by going to the Topics Page.You will need to make sure that you set the curriculum properly. See “How do I set the curriculum?” below.

       When looking at topics on the left your level of mastery is for all subtopics combined. You can then look at the right and see which topics are mastered (Green Check) or your level of mastery in the circle. 


    How do I set the curriculum in Mathspace? What is the World of Math?

       By default, the curriculum is set to the World of Math which allows students to see all topics. In order to filter the topics, you will need to set the appropriate curriculum.

    1. Go to the eBook page and select change.ebookpage

    2. Select the appropriate curriculum. SelectCurriculum

    Last Class Completed

    Curriculum to Review

    Curriculum to PREVIEW

    Grade 5

    CCSS 5

    CCSS 6

    Grade 6

    CCSS 6

    CCSS 7, CCSS 8

    Grade 7

    CCSS 6-8

    CCSS HS Algebra 1

    Grade 8

    CCSS 6-8

    CCSS HS Algebra 1

    Algebra 1

    CCSS HS Algebra 1

    CCSS HS Geometry


    CCSS HS Geometry,

    CCSS HS Algebra 1

    CCSS HS Algebra 2





    How do I create an account?

        Contact Mr. Ziobro at (908)-508-1923 x 1710 or via email at dziobro@bhpsnj.org


    How do I add my parent so they can see my work?

    ● You can add your parent from the settings page on the student account.Add Parent

    ● The parent will get an email invite to create an account. Follow the directions in the email to setup the account.

    See the following link for additional information. https://help.mathspace.co/help-for-parents



    How should I study for a test or quiz? What is the best way to review material?

        You can use the “Try a Similar Problem” for any problem you have completed before. You can review your work on past adaptive or custom tasks and see which problem you got correct, partially correct or incorrect.




    As a parent how can I help/monitor students' progress? 

    Ask your student a question.
    • What is the goal of the problem?
    • Why does that step work?
    • Why would we want to do that next?
    • What does this step in the process accomplish?
    • How do I know if my answer is reasonable?
    • Can I check my work to make sure it makes sense to me?
    • What is the goal of the problem?
    • What did these problems have in common?
    • Where would I use this in “real life”?
    • Why do you think your teacher gave you this assignment? What did he or she want you to learn?
    • How is this assignment related to the homework you had yesterday? In what ways is it similar or different?
    • Now that you can solve these problems, what do you think you might be able to do next?
    Review the mathspace task with the student.
    • Have them open the scorecard for a task.ScoreCard
    • Look for problem numbers that are Yellow (Partial Correct) or Red (Incorrect). You can ask the student to use the try a similar problem to review the skill. MathspaceSimilar  

    Where are the tasks I should work on? My task list is empty?

    • If you previously mastered the tasks to 100% they will not show up in the task list on the first page. You can go back and review your work from the task menu on the menu pull down.
    Task menu
    • Scroll to the list on the bottom. Look for adaptive tasks with a due date in Septemeber. You can review the problems you completed by using the scorecard. Scan for problems that you did not get completely correct and use the try a similar problem on the bottom of each page. You may need to select next at the bottom to see all the completed tasks. 
    More Details  
    • If you don't see any of the tasks on your screen. Please contact dziobro@bhpsnj.org and we will verify that your account is setup properly.