• Here are a just a few comments from our students regarding life at Governor Livingston…

    MD - Class of 2013

      "There is a big difference between GL and my old school.  I am much happier here.  I get a lot of positive support from my teachers and interpreters.  My academic classes are challenging and I also like the elective choices, especially wood-shop.  The people at GL are friendly and many are eager to learn sign language.  There isn't the separation between the deaf and hearing students that was at my old school - at Governor Livingston all the students are blended together.  When I came to GL, I was on the soccer team, but since then I've joined the stage crew where I help build the sets used in the plays."
    JLS - Class of 2013
    "Governor Livingston has a very friendly atmosphere and I have made many new friends.  I've had a great experience here and gotten a good education.  My old school did not provide the variety of classes and after school activities that we have here.  GL also has a very supportive speech teacher, Ms. Manto, who has always been there for me.  So far, this has been a wonderful school for me and I feel very honored and thankful to be attending Governor Livingston High School." 
    JB - Class of 2011

       "When I arrived at Governor Livingston, school had already been in session for two months. I was very nervous, but everyone made me feel right at home. I immediately realized that this was a wonderful school. I feel as though I've learned things here that never would have been possible at my old school. I've also made friends with many of the hearing students through the ASL classes and my mainstreamed classes."


    AA - Class of 2013

       "Governor Livingston has a great program for deaf and hard of hearing students.  Since many of the hearing students know how to sign, the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students all hang out together.  This school offers a very good education that is challenging, but not impossible.  There are also a lot of sports and clubs that students can join.  I am very happy here.  I feel as though I have really improved academically and I have made many good friends. Governor Livingston has been a wonderful experience for me."


    JS - Class of 2011

       "I like GL because I know that I’m getting a good education at a great school.  I would recommend GL for anyone who is interested in attending a high school where there is the option of either taking mainstream classes with an interpreter or having class with a Teacher of the Deaf.   I feel bad for kids who are the only deaf or hard of hearing student in their school.  It must be very lonely compared to Governor Livingston, where we have a group of deaf and hard of hearing kids and many of the hearing kids know sign language.  I really enjoy the elective classes at GL.  Since I am interested in a career with computers, I have taken Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Animation, and CADD.  We have classes in almost everything you can imagine.   GL has been the perfect school for me.”


    KF – Class of 2012

       "I enjoy being at GL because I am able to communicate with the hearing and DHH students.  Not only can I communicate with the students:  there are many teachers, coaches and staff members who also try to learn ASL so that school will be a more enjoyable environment for everyone.  GL has a lot of activities and gives the DHH a great opportunity to succeed when we graduate."

    JD – Class of 2013

       "I’m more involved at GL than at my old school.  Everyone talks to each other. No one treats you like you’re the rare person.  You don’t have to hide anything here.  And the sports are just great!! There are a lot of opportunities to mainstream…you can just try it to see how it goes.  I’m mainstreamed in every class!  I’m very happy at Governor Livingston."


    MP - Class of 2012

       "I like going to school here because everyone helps you with things you need.  You can have a mixture of friends...hearing and deaf.  If you need support, Ms. Manto is the best person you could ask for!  You fit in easily. Whatever you need for extra help, you  just need to ask, whether it's an FM system or interpreter...they'll get it for you.  And the ASL class helps you connect with the whole world."