• What Does an Elementary School Counselor Do?
    • Provides individual counseling to students on as as-needed basis.
    • Facilitates small group experiences through the use of lunch clubs and social groups.
    • Supports and counsels during times of crisis.
    • Designs and implements relevant classroom lessons.
    • Collaborates with staff in order to best meet students needs.
    • Consults with staff and parents and provides outside resources as needed.
    • Serves as a district anti-bullying specialist.
    As an Elementary School Counselor, we are here to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of every student. Our proactive role allows us to partner with parents, teachers and staff to best support the needs of the student. We firmly believe by supporting the emotional development of the child, the student is then better able to learn, foster positive relationships, improve self-confidence, and achieve a successful school experience. 
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