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    "Bridges" Community Service Project 

    The student council is coordinating a program for the entire school to participate in called “Bridges.”  The “Bridges” Program was founded in 1988.  The basis of this program is to “bridge” suburbs and cities by assisting the homeless in New York City, Newark, Irvington, and Summit, New Jersey every week. Over 2,000 volunteers each year help deliver 65,000 meals, seasonal clothing, and necessities without question and with genuine respect.  For our part, Woodruff Student Council will be collecting brown bag lunches to deliver to “Bridges” over the next 3 Fridays.  Each grade level will have an opportunity to donate a brown bag lunch over the next 3 weeks.  

    The schedule below provides an opportunity for each grade to participate.  If you and your child would like to participate, please bring an extra bag lunch to school on the Friday that your child’s grade is scheduled.  The Bridges Program has given some guidelines regarding what to include in a bag lunch.  These are guidelines, and do not need to be followed exactly (no need to go buy anything special to make a lunch).  


    Informational flyers and brown paper bags will be sent home on each Monday.  *DECORATED BAGS ARE SO CHEERFUL AND ALWAYS WELCOME* Classroom teachers will collect donated lunches and send them down to the front office.  Thank you in advance for participating!

    General Lunch Guidelines:

    • Sandwich: preferably made with 100% white, whole wheat or soft, whole wheat with low sodium deli meat.  Please, no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Please do not put mayo, mustard, lettuce or tomato on the sandwich.  If possible, include mayo or mustard packets in the bag.
    • Fruit: grapes, clementines, bananas, pears or other soft fruit
    • Dairy Item: mozzarella, cheddar or other cheese stick, 4 or 6 oz yogurt with spoon or 2 squeezable yogurts
    • Chewy granola bar (reduced sugar if possible) or Nutrigrain-type fruit & cereal bar
    • Drink: Water (6 or 8 oz. bottle)